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3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Experience Red-Hot Romance On Valentine's Day

by Valerie Mesa
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What's not to love about Valentine's Day? Despite the overwhelming decor that comes with it, it still doesn't take away from its general sweetness. It's nice to show someone you care; although, for those of you wondering, Valentine's Day 2020 will be the most romantic for these zodiac signs: Taurus, Gemini, and Virgo.

I took a closer look at the astro-weather for Valentine's Day this year, and it's going to be interesting. The moon will be traveling through the depths of smoldering Scorpio while the sun ventures through stellar Aquarius. This sounds peachy, I'm sure, but what you may not know is, both of these astrological energies challenge one another. (The moon being your emotional world; the sun governs your ego.) Aquarius is radical and freedom-loving; Scorpio is incredibly introverted but in constant search of connection. There's a big gap between both of these energies, so stay grounded.

If you're looking for a Valentine's Day filled with romance, then hopefully you've got placements in Taurus, Gemini, or Virgo, because they will certainly be feeling the love on Feb. 14.

Taurus: Sparks Are Flying Between You And Your SO

Can you feel that, Taurus? Astrological aspects vary between signs, especially when you consider the planetary alignments within your birth chart, but there's no doubt you'll be having an intensity-filled Valentine's Day.

With the moon in seductive Scorpio igniting your committed seventh house of partnerships, there will be emotionally charged connections taking place. And with rebellious Uranus starting a revolution in your sign, you're feeling the need to liberate yourself from previous patterns and ways of living. Given that the sun will also square off with the moon, something tells me you'll be more dominant than usual, too.


Gemini: You're Extra Flirtatious And Magnetic AF

Long-distance romance, Gemini? The sun will be energizing your ninth house of travel, education, and unknown territory on Valentine's Day, which could very well inspire restlessness and a bit of wanderlust, too. With the moon in jealous Scorpio hovering over your sixth house of due diligence, your desire for adventure could easily take the focus off of your duties, so sort out your priorities.

However, Lady Venus will be audaciously flaunting her goods via your 11th house of teams, tribes. and friendship groups, so enjoy the sensation of flirting with a stranger before you decide to commit for the sake of Valentine's Day. This day will be electric, and your magnetism will be as well.

Virgo: The Heat Is On And You're Feeling Passionate

With the moon slithering through the powerful Scorpio — via your chatty third house of communication and immediate exchanges — you will likely feel inspired to partake in in-depth conversations, some of which might even be a bit on the taboo side. This sexy burst of energy, however, will be challenged by eccentric Aquarius via your sixth house of due diligence, but can still spark some unconventional desires on your end. This area of your chart actually belongs to you, which is why it's so dutiful and tidy, but with Aquarius in the mix, that's about to change.

Meanwhile, with irresistible Venus, planet of love and beauty, sashaying through your sultry eighth house of sex, intimate unions, and transformation, you'll likely be craving more intensity from your relationship as well.

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