A happy woman holds a cup of coffee with a stroopwafel on top, while sitting in an outdoor cafe.

United's Stroopwafel Recipes Are Here For Everyone Who Misses Catching Flights


Lately, you've been posting throwback travel photos on social media. You're getting nostalgic about the days when you arrived at your terminal and boarded your plane, ready for new adventures. These days, you'd love to recreate that in-flight experience while staying at home amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to United Airlines' stroopwafel recipes, now, you can.

United Airlines has teamed up with Daelmans, makers of the tasty stroopwafels you look forward to enjoying on United flights, to bring you sweet ways to snack and satisfy your wanderlust at home. The delicious caramel treat you love a waffle lot pairs perfectly with a warm cup of joe while you enjoy your inflight entertainment.

Even though you're not catching flights right now, you can still catch the feels for your favorite plane snack while at home. All you need to do is hop online and order Daelmans caramel stroopwafels. A box of the single pack Daelmans Jumbo Caramel Stroopwafels is just what you need to recreate your fave airplane memories whenever you'd please. Simply treat yourself to a single pack stroopwafel and a cup of coffee in your favorite mug whenever the wanderlust hits.

If you want to take your love of stroopwafels to the next level, you can try one of these three at-home recipes. Before filling up your online shopping cart with goodies, check out these expert guidelines for online shopping during the coronavirus pandemic.

Scrolling through your IG feed, you may have noticed a lot of your friends making banana bread. It seems to be a tasty thing to do when you have a bunch of ripe bananas you need to eat before they go bad. Though, you don't have to stop at just OG banana bread when there's an easy-to-follow stroopwafel banana bread recipe out there. Give your batter a little something extra by adding in chopped-up stroopwafel pieces. Sprinkle any leftover stroopwafel bits to the top as well, so your bread will come out of the oven with a crispy waffle crust.

If you're missing that perfect pairing of stroopwafels and coffee, Daelmans has a great recipe for you to put the two together. This isn't much of a recipe with lots of ingredients, as it is more of an instruction guide. Take your stroopwafel and place it on top of your freshly brewed cup of coffee. As the steam of the coffee rises, it'll heat up your stroopwafel. This process is apparently a "Dutch ritual" to get the caramel inside to be the perfect temperature so it's ooey, gooey, and delicious.


The final recipe you can try at home is the stroopwafel ice cream sandwich. Especially in the summer, you'll be ice screaming for this refreshing treat. All you need to do is take your fave ice cream flavor, and place the perfect scoop in between two stroopwafels. It's that simple.

Coming up with the perfect ice cream and stroopwafel combo is the real challenge here. Go with the original caramel flavored stroopwafel and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream for a traditional taste. If you like chocolate, you can pair a chocolate stroopwafel with some double chocolate chip ice cream for a combo you'll love a choco-lot. Even the maple stroopwafels could pair perfectly with some homemade maple bacon ice cream for a sweet and savory combo.

Whatever you decide to do with your stroopwafels, be sure to give yourself the full #AirportLife feel. Document your tastebuds going on an adventure of their own with a TikTok recipe vid, or a foodie pic of your final dish shared on Instagram. Set up your very own tray table, and enjoy your treat by your favorite sunny spot in your house. Or, take yourself on a virtual flight by putting in your headphones, placing your travel pillow around your neck, and watching the view from an airplane window seat while you savor every bite.

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