These 4 Brands Are Half Off In Today's Ulta 21 Days Of Beauty Sale


It's April 4, so wouldn't it make sense to treat yourself to four new beauty products? Am I the only one who will use that way of thinking to justify my spending today? Okay, fine — but before you commit to a no-spend, you should know that Ulta's 21 Days Of Beauty April 4 sale has 50 percent off deals on four brands you won't want to miss out on. Who are they, you ask? Two of the best in skincare, as well as two of the most creative in beauty: cue It Cosmetics and Exuviance, as well as Buxom and Tarte Cosmetics. I know, right? There's a lot to get excited about today, and seeing as the 21 Days of Beauty are almost over, it makes sense to make every last deal count while you still can.

To kick things off, let's start with today's delightful online-only deals. First up is a product that rarely goes on sale, the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Moisturizing Super Cream ($24, originally $48, This anti-aging hydrator feels so luxe on the skin, and I've gone through more than one little yellow jar in the past, so if you haven't tried it yet, it's truly a must. Is this the cream that launched a thousand products? (Helen of Troy? Marlowe? Does anyone read anymore?) The answer is yes: Confidence in a Cream is such a beloved product, It Cosmetics has expanded the range to include quite a few Confidence options, from neck cream to eye cream, and even foundation.

If it was able to inspire an entire line, you know this moisturizer is worth snagging:

Next up in the "online only" category is a half off deal on all Buxom eyeshadow palettes. So major! My favorite part about Buxom's six-pan palettes is that they're all refillable, so you can buy a few and mix and match, restock the shade you use up fastest, or start from scratch when you finish the whole thing. There are four palettes on sale, but the May Contain Nudity Eyeshadow Palette ($20, originally $40, is both my personal favorite nude color story as well as the one with the cheekiest name.

And if you need a little color? Pick up a single shade and pop it right in:

Onto the online and in-store deals! I'm tempted to try out the Exuviance Age Reverse Eye Contour ($40, originally $79,, seeing as it's got a pretty hefty price tag, so the 50 percent off discount is major. This baby claims to help the under eye area look less droopy and more youthful, as well as help out with dark circles and crow's feet.

Collagen-promoting peptides and PHAs are some of the ingredients working their magic in this formula:

Last but not least, today's sale rounds out with a blessing from Tarte! Their lip paint products are all half off, including the Glossy Lip Paints ($10, originally $20, as well as their Quick Dry Matte Lip Paints ($10, originally $20, Buy a few new favorites for festival season or stock up on the shades that got you through winter. I swear by both of these formulas, so you know I'll be buying.

If you need soms color inspo, here's shades "Festival," "Fomo," and "Slay" in action:

These deals are all live on the Ulta site as we speak, but they'll be gone by the time the day ends, so get shopping while you still can!