Heads Up, Tyler Cameron Is Going On Zoom Dates, So Shoot Your Shot

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Tyler C. is back on the dating scene, friends — the virtual dating scene, that is. The Bachelorette alum opened up to Us Weekly about his love life on Aug. 18, and apparently, Tyler Cameron is going on Zoom dates at the moment. "You know, [during] quarantine [it] has been tough to date," he told Us Weekly. "I've kinda just been staying low-key and hanging with my people and that's it, you know? But as the world opens up, maybe I'll get more of the dating, but I've had some Zoom dates here and there." So I guess he and Jilissa Ann Zoltko aren't a thing?

Though he's been making room in his schedule to Zoom, Cameron told Us Weekly the transition is tricky. "It's chatting over the phone and I don't know, it was fun. It was cool," he said in reference to virtual dating. "I was a little nervous 'cause I don't know how it's going to go. So maybe I had a couple too many wines before, but it made for interesting, fun conversation." FYI, the last time Cameron had "too many wines" he ended up doing drunk karaoke with his bestie Matt James, so I'm sure those convos were interesting.

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He may be trying his luck with new ladies, but it seems like Cameron still has Hannah B. on the brain. He confessed to Us Weekly he's wondered what it would have been like to plan a wedding with Hannah Brown had she picked him on The Bachelorette. "[It's] definitely something I think about," he admitted. "And we've talked about [it] before. There's all these what-ifs, but you can't live in that world. What-ifs will kill you. You know? So, I try to stay away from that kind of thinking." Excusez-moi?

Cameron added, "She's an incredible person. There's no doubt that I think we would have been just fine but we kind of went our [separate] ways and are different people than what we were then. So, I may seem a little different, a little more difficult." However, he still considers himself "lucky to have her as a friend." Quit playing games with my heart, you guys.

As much as I would have liked to see Cameron end up with Brown, I'm happy to hear he's putting himself back out there. BTW, Tyler, how does one sign up for a Zoom date with you? Please advise.