Tweets About 'Riverdale's Midseason Finale Prove Fans Didn't See That Twist Coming


It happened! It finally happened! After months of cryptic letters, deep-voiced phone calls, and twisted games, Riverdale finally unmasked the Black Hood in its midseason finale on Wednesday night, and it left everyone completely shook. Towards the end of the particularly dark Christmas episode, Archie and Betty find themselves face to face with the mysterious Black Hood killer once more, but this time they manage to catch him and take off his hood, revealing the person who has been tormenting the town this whole year. And obviously, Twitter blew up when Riverdale revealed the Black Hood's identity.

Spoiler alert: This post will obviously include major spoilers, so don't read on until you've seen Season 2 Episode 9 of Riverdale, "Silent Night, Deadly Night." In the big midseason finale, the Riverdale crew finally discovered that the Black Hood was actually the school's janitor, Mr. Svenson, also known as Joseph Conway. Viewers had only just been introduced to Mr. Svenson a couple episodes prior to the winter finale when he was shown lurking around the school and being kind of creepy towards Josie, but Betty Cooper found out that the janitor was hiding a huge secret: his name is actually Joseph Conway and he was the only surviving member of a family that was brutally murdered by someone called the Riverdale Reaper back when he was a child. When Mr. Svenson stopped showing up at the high school around Christmas, Betty and Archie got suspicious.

By talking with the nuns that took young Joseph Conway in after he was orphaned, Betty and Archie learned that Conway had accused the wrong man of being the Reaper, and a group of townspeople buried that innocent man alive. The Black Hood used that information to lure Betty and Archie to the site of that burial, and then forced Betty to start burying Archie alive at gunpoint, until he was scared off by police sirens. Before he could get away, Sheriff Keller shot the hooded killer and revealed him to be Mr. Svenson/Joseph Conway. Apparently, he had been driven mad by his guilt over sentencing an innocent man to death, to the point where he cut off his own finger and began murdering sinners in some twisted attempt to balance things out. But, Conway is no threat now that it looks like Keller's gunshot killed him.

Obviously, the big reveal had fans freaking out online. Everyone has been making guesses about who the Black Hood could be since Season 2 started, but mostly because he was such a new and minor character, Mr. Svenson was not really high up on anyone's suspect list. Check out some of the best reactions to the Black Hood reveal:

Oh, and just because it seems like Riverdale wrapped up its big mystery already, doesn't mean that something even crazier is coming. Actually, a lot of fans think that a Black Hood may still be at large out there. A big theory that's been popping up throughout the season is that there are actually two Black Hoods — one who actually goes out in the hood to kill people (whom we now know was Mr. Svenson), and one who calls up Betty and torments her with puzzles and games. After all, the Black Hood who has been calling Betty seems to have intimate knowledge of her (remember that Nancy Drew book?), and also showed a scary obsession with her. That's the part that doesn't seem to fit Mr. Svenson, who never seemed to care about Betty to such a maniacal level and even threatened to shoot her in order to get her to bury Archie.

Add that theory together with the final scene of the episode of Betty holding up the Black Hood mask, and it seems pretty clear that even though the kids managed to unmask one killer, the Black Hood mystery is still far from over.