Tweets About Kevin On 'Bachelor Winter Games' Show Fans Can't Get Enough Of The Canadian


Bachelor Winter Games is heating up, and there are already some stand out contestants. Kevin from Canada is creating quite a buzz in the house and in our living rooms. Tweets about Kevin on Bachelor Winter Games prove that fans are just as obsessed with him as Bibiana and Ashley I. are.

Who is Kevin and where has he been  my whole life? Bachelor Winter Games is all about taking the franchise international. We didn't have to venture too north of the border to find Kevin.

The 33-year-old firefighter was actually the first person to win the inaugural season of Bachelorette Canada in 2016. Unfortunately, he and hairstylist Jasmine Lorimer split after just five months together. Jasmine announced the split via Instagram on April 13, 2017 with a photo of a majestic sunset. How poetic. The caption read,

One woman's breakup is another nation's new reality television obsession. Twitter is legitimately obsessed with this hunky contestant and his free-flowing hair.

It looks like Bachelor contestants around the world are definitely ready to take it international. In addition to the US delegation, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Sweden, China, and Canada are all represented on the show.

While the mix of contestants are great to viewers, Winter Games contestant, Eric Bigger, told Elite Daily that all the options actually made things more difficult. After competing for one woman, Rachel Lindsay (aka THE woman), on The Bachelorette, Winter Games was a big change of pace. He said,

He continued,

Eric did admit to making a few great connections within the house during Winter Games. Even he had to do a little raving about Kevin and how nice of a guy he is. OK, WE GET IT. Eric said,

Honestly, Winter Games has far exceeded my expectations, and I can't wait to see what romance blooms.

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