Truly’s Survive The Holidays Gift Box Has Everything you need to keep your cool and have a laugh.

Truly Is Selling A Gift Box Packed With Hard Seltzer & Holiday Essentials

Courtesy of Truly/Giftagram

You don't have to leave hard seltzers behind in the summer. In fact, when the holiday season is busy and a little stressful, some seltzer brands are finding ways to make you laugh through it. One example is Truly's Survive the Holidays Gift Box, and it just might be everything you need to get through the holidays when things are a bit of a headache.

This Truly Survive the Holidays Gift Box was curated to inspire some laughter and levity for the holiday season, even when you're sort of over it. Available via Giftagram, the partnered box includes things you may not have even realized you needed. A fun idea for a BFF who is in love with spiked seltzer, the Truly kit comes with six cans of Truly in assorted flavors, Cheers Restore Pills just in case you overdo on the seltzer, a Brumate Slim Can Koozie which will keep your Truly nice and cold, a $25 gift card for Postmates so you don't need to cook, a Truly "I'm Truly on the Naughty List" holiday sweater for chilly days, and a bag of Stumptown Coffee so you don't forget your caffeine.

The kit sells for $75 before tax and shipping, but you can have it delivered straight to a BFFs door or your own without having to worry about the other steps. The gift box is a limited-edition item, so you'll need to act fast if you're planning to get one. To get one shipped to you before Dec. 25, you should place your order on or by Dec. 18. These are available through January 2020, though so you can get one in time for New Year's Eve, too. Giftagram says most items on the site will ship within three to five business days.

Courtesy of Truly/Giftagram

Those who are 21 and over can order this for themselves, or a recipient that is also at least 21, which will be confirmed with a signature upon arrival. Delivery is available throughout the United States, excepting AK, CA, HI, ID, KY, MS, MO, NE, NV, NH, ND, OR, PA, UT, WV and WY, so make sure you've double-checked availability to where you're sending.

The hard seltzer brand recently revamped all of its flavors, plus Truly became the first spiked seltzer being served with an airline back on Nov. 7 in a partnership with JetBlue.

Whether you're grabbing one of these gift boxes for yourself or a BFF, the gift of hard seltzer delivered to your door will definitely keep the hot girl summer vibes rolling throughout winter.