Topshop Is Having A Huge Sale With Up To 50 Percent Off The Most Stylish Going-Out Attire

Racking your brain for the cutest ensembles to rock this holiday season? I personally devote most of the hours of December to brainstorming the perfect outfits to slay in on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve. Normally, though, these fab styles only exist in my head, because even Christmas money from relatives isn't enough to justify these splurges — thankfully, this year I can seize Topshop's Going Out Sale as the perfect opportunity to make my dream lewks a reality. The sale offers major discounts on tons of going-out pieces, and 'tis the season to stock up, so let's get to it.

What exactly defines today's going-out clothing? It can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, but according to Topshop, night-out attire is sleek, sparkly, and a little bit ~sexy~ too. The majority of pieces included in the sale are done in fabrics like silk, velvet, mesh, and of course, virtually anything embellished or bedazzled. Topshop is hitting us hard with the sparkle, people, and I'm honestly so here for it. And along with said sparkle, they're serving major discounts, too, with pieces up to 50% off their original prices.

So, what's worth snagging? I'm so glad you asked:

Yes, the mini dresses are tempting, but there's so much more to discuss. To start things off, I feel it's of major importance that I acknowledge the head-to-toe crushed velvet baby blue suit on sale. No, you're not dreaming. The PETITE Bonded Velvet Jacket ($103, originally $140, and PETITE Bonded Velvet Trousers ($66, originally $85, seem too good to be true, but they are in fact real, and discounted at that. If I were allowed to use curse words in this article, I would drop an emphatic F bomb to show my excitement, but instead I'll play it safe and exclaim, golly gee, this sale is great!

Next up in discounted partywear is an outfit I'll be referring to as "A Christmas Eve Look Better Suited For Fashion Week Street Style Photos." The PETITE Velvet Embellished Star Wrap Blouse ($75, originally $130, is just so special, do you know what I mean? The embellished stars and sparkly shoulder details really pop against the rich, jewel-toned velvet fabric, and you could pair it with your go-to black skinnies or do the most and opt for the matching Embellished Velvet Midi Skirt ($106, originally $125, I've never loved an outfit more, TBH. Paired together, this look is so luxe and fun, but you can definitely dress down either piece dozens of times to get your money's worth in the long run. These are the kind of statement items sales were made for — give in to the temptation, people!

If you're like "Okay, you're scaring me with all the velvet and extra AF-ness," I admit I'm coming on a little strong. There are also tons of simple, yet equally stunning, pieces within this sale worth snagging. Maybe you can settle for an ever-so-slightly embellished sweater, like the PETITE Diamante Drip Jumper ($82, originally $100, Or a textured tank with just a hint of shimmer, like the PETITE Tinsel Fluffy Bralet ($28, originally $35, Considering pairing a more basic top with a fun accessory, like the Mia Metal Handle Mini Bag ($33, originally $40, to finish off your look, because a red purse makes literally everything cooler.

Topshop fans have been hitting this sale hard, and there's only a few sizes left in most of the styles, so if you're interested, there's no time to waste. Topshop hasn't yet announced when the sale will end, so if you're dying to pick up a few new pieces for the holidays, I suggest hitting up the Topshop website ASAP.