The Hottest Things To Wear On A Date When It's Literally Freezing Out Are Velvet Dresses & Sexy Sweaters

By Genevieve Wheeler

After moving to Boston for college, I pretty much immediately decided that I would be spending all winter in sweatshirts and a parka that I affectionately dubbed a "walking sleeping bag," no matter the occasion. Friends far braver than I were traipsing to meet frat boys in 12-degree weather, legs and necklines exposed to the elements, while I debated the logistics of buying a ski mask (because who really needed to see my face, anyway?). Basically, none of us knew what to wear on a date when it's cold, and so we either froze or became "that anti-social weirdo who's been wearing the same sorority zip-up for three months." There was no in-between.

But ladies, let me tell 'ya – there is an in-between (I learned eventually). It comes in the form of off-the-shoulder sweaters, curve-hugging dresses, and over-the-knee boots that will keep you feeling hot in more ways than one. Honestly, the things my ski-mask-Googling college self would have done for this list...

Here are four outfit ideas that are sexy, flattering, and – magically – completely appropriate for winter weather. Throw one of these looks together next time you've got a hot date on a freezing cold night.

The Serena van der Woodsen

I'm not sure there's any form of footwear that's simultaneously as sexy and winter-ready as over-the-knee boots. They come up to your thighs, thus minimizing skin-to-cold contact, but still have that come-hither aesthetic.

Pair these babies with a button-down blouse (maybe with a few buttons undone, à la Serena van der Woodsen), some fishnet stockings, and a mini skirt if you want to feel like you just stepped out of an episode of Gossip Girl. And really, who doesn't?

PS: If you're worried about getting chilly in fishnets, slip a pair of sheer pantyhose on underneath. I hear that's what Beyoncé does...

The Sexy Snow Bunny

If you thought off-the-shoulder attire was strictly a summer trend, please allow me to introduce you to off-the-shoulder sweaters — your new go-to for date nights this winter.

Throw on one of these snug or slouchy sweaters with a pair of skinny jeans and booties, and you'll be snow bunny chic in no time. You can even opt for booties with a metallic heel, if you're feeling a little wild.

Oh, and if you'd like to dress things up even more, try pairing an off-the-shoulder sweater dress with some over-the-knee boots (I'm telling you, they'll be your new favorite shoes in no time).

The Velveteen Rabbit

Well, more velvet than velveteen... but I'm sticking with the bunny/rabbit theme now. And if your date's on the fancier end of the spectrum — like, you're heading to see The Nutcracker instead of grabbing drinks at a bar — a velvet dress (with tights, of course) is the way to go. Velvet's a super cozy material, but you'll still feel luxurious AF. Like a fancy Santa.

The "Tell Me About It, Stud"

I have a lot of questions about the end of Grease, but perhaps most importantly, I would love to know how Sandy managed to dance around in an all-leather ensemble at the start of the summer? Because, as any woman who's worn leather pants can tell you, those things get toasty. Which is why you should absolutely rock a pair in the dead of winter, and not at your high school's end-of-year carnival.

To get the full Sandy look, pair your leather pants with a black top and a red belt, for a pop of color. The smoking and shimmying are optional, of course.

Say it with me: the cold never bothered me anyway.

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