Tim Hortons' Churro Donut Is Coming To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

National Doughnut Day is right around the corner on June 7, and there are so many ways to celebrate. You could treat yourself to your favorite doughnut from your favorite doughnut shop, you could surprise a loved one with a box of doughnuts, or, if you're as enthusiastic about the sweet treats as I am, you could even through a doughnut-themed celebration. But if you're feeling a little adventurous or craving some newness on this year's doughnut celebration, you'll definitely want to head to Tim Hortons and check out the unveiling of their brand-new doughnut. Tim Hortons' Churro Donut is coming to satisfy your sweet tooth and National Doughnut Day, and you definitely won't want to miss it.

To celebrate National Doughnut Day on Friday, June 7, 2019, Tim Hortons, a Canadian coffee and doughnut chain, is unveiling a tasty new flavor in the U.S. Tim Hortons' Churro Donut features a Honey Cruller Donut filled with sweet caramel and topped with a cinnamon sugar blend to achieve near perfect similarity to an actual churro. The Churro Donut will be available on June 7 at participating Tim Hortons locations across the U.S. and available nationally on June 12. Make sure you grab this sweet treat quickly, though, because it's only available for a limited time.

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

When it comes to celebrating holidays with doughnuts and coffee, Tim Hortons leaves the competition in the dust. On Mother's Day in May, Tim Hortons offered all moms (even dog moms) a mom-sized iced coffee for free. What does mom-sized mean, you might ask? Tim Hortons' mom-sized sip was 52 ounces of iced coffee, which is almost twice as big as a Starbucks Trenta. Before that, on St. Patrick's Day, Tim Hortons offered Clover Donuts with festive green sprinkles, and just a month before that, on Valentine's Day, the company celebrated with sparkly, heart-shaped doughnuts designed to steal anyone's heart. So yeah, holidays are kind of Tim Hortons' thing.

If you're a regular Tim Hortons customer, you might want to check out their new rewards program. Tim Hortons' Tims Rewards offers frequent customers complimentary drinks and snacks. Here's how the reward program works: After seven trips to Tim Hortons, customers are able to choose from a selection of freebies, including hot coffee or tea (any size) or a Tim Hortons snack or baked good (think doughnuts, cookies, waffles, or pastries). The only snacks that aren't available as part of the complimentary rewards are Tim Hortons bagels, so keep your sights on some of the other delicious menu items. It's that easy! You can use a digital card or physical rewards card to make sure you keep getting rewarded for your trips to Tim Hortons.

Live in the U.S. and not sure if there's a Tim Hortons near you? Use the store locator on the coffee and doughnut chain's website to find out whether you live within 50 miles of a location. The Canadian chain is primarily located in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, New York, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Maine, but according to the website, the company is expanding.

So, if you're lucky enough have access to a location, make sure to grab a Churro Donut starting on National Doughnut Day while you still can!