Tim Hortons Is Giving Free Mom-Sized Coffee Away On Mother's Day, Even To Dog Moms

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Mother's Day is right around the corner, and Tim Hortons knows how important it is to treat moms across the nation with something special. In fact, Tim Hortons' Mother's Day 2019 deal is free "Mom-sized" coffee, which means mothers of all kinds can score a free pick-me-up on their big day. The deal isn't exclusive to human moms, though. If you're a dog mom — or any kind of mom, for that matter — you'll be able to get a free Mom-sized iced coffee on May 12. What's a Mom-sized coffee, though? Well, I'm happy you asked.

Tim Hortons' limited-edition Mom-sized coffee is the company's largest iced coffee yet (trust me, it's huge). In fact, it's the biggest iced coffee that's being served at a major U.S. coffee retailer, per Tim Hortons' press release. Now, you're probably wondering exactly how big it is. *Drumroll, please.* Tim Hortons' Mom-sized offering holds 52 ounces of iced coffee. Yes, you read that correctly: 52 ounces of sweet, creamy, and refreshing iced coffee. According to Tim Hortons, that's almost enough coffee to fill one of the company's pots — and that's a big deal (literally).

Moms deserve as much coffee as they can get, though... especially when it's free.

Courtesy of Tim Hortons

Thankfully, scoring a free Mom-sized iced coffee at Tim Hortons on Mother's Day will be easy. If you're a mom (again, any type of mom), all you'll have to do is ask for a "Mom-sized" iced coffee during your May 12 visit. After that, you'll be able to sip on your 52-ounce iced coffee throughout the day. Enjoy it, because you deserve it.

Of course, there are a few stipulations that come along with the free coffee deal. According to Tim Hortons, Mom-sized iced coffees will only be available while supplies last. With that being said, wake up early on May 12 and grab your 52-ounce cup before they're sold out. I mean, it'd be a total bummer to miss out on free Mother's Day coffee — so set your alarm clocks ahead of the big day.

There's one more thing that you should probably keep in mind prior to Mother's Day. According to Tim Hortons, free Mom-sized iced coffee will only be available at select restaurants in New York City, Toledo, Detroit, Columbus, and Buffalo. For exact locations of participating Tim Hortons restaurants, click here.

If you don't live near a participating Tim Hortons restaurant, don't fret. You can still enjoy the company's Premium Blend iced coffee, which is made with 100% Arabica beans. The coffee itself is described by the company as "sweet" and "creamy," so you're totally in for a treat (whether you're sipping on a free 52-ounce cup or not).

Those of you who do live near a participating Tim Hortons restaurant can partake in the Mom-sized fun. Again, all you'll have to do is say you want a "Mom-sized" iced coffee during your visit on May 12. Whether you're a human mom, a dog mom, a cat mom, or any type of mom, Tim Hortons appreciates you.

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