A girl stands next to a window wearing her prom dress.
TikTok's Prom Dress Reveal Trend Will Give You Your Very Own Cinderella Moment

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Prom season is almost here, which means it's time to start looking for that dream dress, sparkling jumpsuit, or head-turning pantsuit. Even if your prom is going virtual this year, you plan on dressing to impress. One way to show off your lewk is through TikTok's prom dress reveal trend. Reveals and transitions are nothing new for the video-sharing app, but this timely trend was made so that you can show off to your friends and followers exactly what you'll be wearing to your night to remember.

Although your prom may still be a few weeks away, you can start recording your prom dress reveal TikTok now, because the video begins with you dressed in your normal everyday clothes. Think of this trend like you're Cinderella moment, and when the beat drops in the song "prom dress" by mxmtoon, that's when you "bibbidi-bobbidi-boo" yourself.

First, you need to find the song "prom dress" for your video. Search under "Add sound," and the song should be one of the first results at eight seconds long. When it's time to record, set it up so that it only records for four seconds. That's your before shot. Save it to your drafts and when you're all dressed up for prom, record the rest of your video. It'll cut from you before to you looking fab right as the music drops. If you need a little inspo before you start, check out these TikTokers who totally nailed the prom dress reveal TikTok trend.

Do A Smooth Transition

For a super cool prom dress reveal, try doing a smooth TikTok transition. One of the easiest ones to do is the hand transition. Follow what TikToker @mgmorris does by placing your hand in front of your camera right before it stops recording. When you go to record your second half, when you're all dressed up, you'll start with your hand covering your camera and remove it. Edited all together, it just looks like you're swiping your hand over the camera quickly — like magic.

Try A Jump Transition

Another popular TikTok transition you can try is the jump. You'll need to time this one out a little more than the hand one, but it's totally worth it. At the end of the first half of your video, you'll want to jump up. Using the timer for the second half, you'll want to time it so that you're descending from your jump as the video starts recording. All together, it looks like you're doing one jump like TikToker @franspam7.

Do It With Your Bestie

If you and your bestie have plans to get ready for prom together, you may want to make your prom dress reveal together. In this instance, you'll record just like you would by yourself, but instead, have your bestie right by your side. It's like two reveals for the price of one, like in TikToker @sarahcashew17's video.

Add Some Sparkle Effects

To really highlight your prom lewk, you can record with the Bling effect to add some sparkles. TikToker @et4lie does this, and it looks extra magical like a Disney movie. All you need to do to achieve the same look is add the Bling effect before recording your second half.

Do It With Your Prom Date

Similar to the one with your bestie, you can also do this trend with your prom date. TikTokers @brookeaandjacob show off just how cute it can be going from a normal day to all dressed up for prom night. You could even end your video with a signature prom pose together.

This TikToker Used The Trend To Help Her Choose A Dress

TikTok can be a great resource to turn to if you need a little help picking out your prom dress. That's what TikToker @katiefeeneyy did with this trend. Katie made two different versions of the prom dress reveal trend for each dress, and let the "For You" page decide which one to wear between Dress 1 and Dress 2.

Make An Entrance

If you'd like to make a full-on entrance with your reveal, do what TikToker @mizstrawberry does. Start off in your pjs and leave the room before the drop in the song. Then, you can make a glorious entrance through the door and model walk toward the camera.