These 14 prom zoom backgrounds are perfect to use when you're celebrating virtually.

These Prom-Themed Zoom Backgrounds Are Like A Virtual Party

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With senior proms on the list of events canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, many graduates will turn to a remote party. If you can't be together IRL, you can host a virtual prom with a video conferencing platform like Zoom. To set the mood for the party, here are 14 prom Zoom backgrounds that will have you ready for a shindig worthy of celebrating the end of your high school career.

Zoom's virtual background feature will let you swap out your real background for a photo or video, so you can set up your perfect virtual prom in a few minutes, without the mess of decorations. If you've never used the feature, update or download Zoom on your computer or iPhone. Check to make sure your setup meets the minimum requirements to use backgrounds, and then create and log in to your Zoom account. To swap out your room IRL for a decorated prom scene, go to Settings, select the Virtual Background tab, and then upload a high-resolution image or video of your choice by tapping the plus sign (+).

You can find many prom Zoom backgrounds using one of Zoom's recommended royalty-free image services, such as Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels. Other companies are making prom backgrounds, too, such as PicsArt and accessory store Claire's. To download the images, you'll click download on the image service sites, or right-click to save a background from company sites. Then, you can upload it to your Zoom account and get ready for some virtual dance parties.

1. Dance floor background

This Zoom background features a dance floor with purple and yellow lights.

2. Couple holding hands

If you're having a small virtual prom with your date, this prom Zoom background of a couple holding hands, all dressed for prom — corsage and all — will set the mood.

3. Shoes on the dance floor

This background for Zoom with confetti on the floor and everyone dressed to impress will make you ready to dance.


4. The squad

One of the best parts of prom is socializing with your BFFs, and this prom-themed Zoom background will make you feel like you're all together.

5. Bokeh lighting

Prom is often all about the sparkle, and nothing says that better than some nice lighting. This background features purple and pink lights captured in a soft focus.

6. Prom party background

PicsArt's Prom background features a dimly lit party scene with a disco ball and prom-goers.


7. 2020 background with glitter

Celebrate 2020 prom with a Zoom background that says it all. This pink backdrop features metallic "2020" candles and gold glitter for a party mood.

8. Prom dresses

This virtual background features some vibrant prom dresses in a shop window.

9. Celebrating with friends

This prom-themed background features three girls dressed up and ready to dance, and they also show off their prom-perfect corsages.

10. Prom 2020

This virtual background from the accessory store Claire's features a purple tinsel backdrop and metallic silver 2020 balloons.


11. Showing off the kicks

Get ready to virtually dance with your friends with this prom background for Zoom. The glammed-up group is showing off their dancing shoes.

12. Disco ball

Claire's Zoom backgrounds also features a Disco ball prom 2020 background on its website, featuring metallic balloons which spell out "Prom" and a disco ball reflecting shades of pink and purple.

13. Red carpet prom

Walk down a red carpet for photos with this Prom background for Zoom from PicsArt.


14. Multi-colored balloons

Start a video call from a pretty prom Zoom background from Claire's featuring pink, purple, and silver metallic balloons against a pink wall.

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