Two young women laugh while creating BFF Pinterest boards for each other.
TikTokers Are Making Pinterest Boards To Show Off Their BFF's Aesthetic

Roo Lewis/Photodisc/Getty Images

You love to hype your BFF up online. Whether it be via a TikTok video with "Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat)" by Saweetie playing in the background, or a dance challenge where you give your friend the spotlight, you take every new opportunity you get to show off your favorite person. So, did you see that some TikTokers are making BFF Pinterest boards? It's the latest friend trend you need to hop on, especially if your BFF has a cool aesthetic.

To get started, you'll want to download the Pinterest app on your phone, if you don't already have it. From there, you'll want to create a board for your best friend. Using the search tool, find and save photos that match your BFF's aesthetic. For example, if they wear mom jeans often, save an artsy photo of someone wearing that particular style of denim. If you can always catch them sipping on a lot of matcha, find a close-up of ice cubes floating in the green beverage. Some users aren't quite as literal with their BFF Pinterest boards, and save pics that represent their friend's free spirit, vintage taste, and personality instead.

Once you have around 15 to 20 different photos, it's time to create your own BFF Pinterest board TikTok video. You'll want to film a title clip for the beginning before adding in the pictures you picked out and tagging your friend in the caption. Here are five videos you can watch for inspo and sweet BFF love.

This Video Gives You A Taste Of The Trend

First, you'll want to watch this video by @rachelsbusyreading. Although it doesn't include a title screen, it's a great way to familiarize yourself with the trend. They include hashtags in the caption like #bestfriend, #moodboard, and #pinterest. Plus, they put their video to "Bundle of Joy (From Inside Out)" by Benny Martin, which is popular among other users who've done this trend.

This Video Is Put To An Upbeat Tune

TikToker @chelseyjadecurtis used an upbeat audio clip in their video to match with their BFF's sunny personality. They used "Looking Out for You" by Joy Again, and it perfectly pairs with the photos of pink sweatsuits, colorful smoothies, and cars by the beach. Long story short: The vibes are immaculate.

This Video Is A Shoutout To A Sibling

Although it's fun to do this trend with your BFF, this TikToker shows that the trend is not exclusive to just friends. In their video, @madeby.esther gives a simple shoutout to their sister, before diving into dreamy photos of sneakers, paint, and sunset bike rides. It's set to the Inside Out piano clip, and might make you reach for the tissues.

This Video Includes Both Perspectives

Are you curious about the type of mood board your BFF would make for you? Get them involved with the trend and mash the two perspectives together. That's what TikToker @susahgemuk did, and it's honestly genius. Split up the two sections with the titles, "How she sees me," and "How I see her."

This Video Is Totally #RelationshipGoals

If your SO is always down to film a TikTok video, then you'll want to take some notes out of @brookeaandjacob's playbook. They followed the trend's guidelines — but for each other — and it is #relationshipgoals. Cute animals, TV show screenshots, and memes are all included.