Tiffany Trump Picked The Cutest Name For Her New Pet Kitten

Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're in the mood for some cute animal pictures today, look no further than Tiffany Trump's Instagram. The 25-year-old law student and President Donald Trump's second youngest child recently posted a photo on her Instagram showing off a brand new pet, and let me tell you, this little furball is a cutie. Good news, cat fans, Tiffany Trump got a kitten, and the name she picked for it is almost as cute as the kitty.

On Friday, June 28, Trump posted two pictures of herself in a slideshow on Instagram with a short caption revealing her new pet's name. The first photo showed Trump sitting on a pink couch in a red dress with a couple of plush toys behind her. On Trump's right, perched atop the couch's arm, was Trump's brand new kitten. Trump revealed the kitten's name to be "Petals," which feels so perfect for something so tiny and adorable. Trump's second photo in the Instagram slideshow showed a close up of her touching noses with with Petals, who has fluffy white fur and dark ears and paws.

And no, Trump doesn't appear to be catsitting. Trump's mom, Marla Maples, also posted a Boomerang video with Petals on her Instagram timeline, which she tagged #GranKittieMomma. The Boomerang showed Maples holding the kitten and the caption read in part, "This little ear ... Little Petals angel has brought us so much joy! Thank you for snapping this moment Tiff which on the live photo included a cute little meow and smoochy."

It seemed like Maples couldn't get enough of her grand-cat and even shared an Insta story showing her holding the cat. In the story, Maples thanked her daughter for "capturing the moment" and "sharing the love."

Trump isn't the only animal lover in the family. She joins her older brother, Eric Trump, and his wife Lara in being a proud pet-owner. Eric and Lara Trump have two beagles, and Lara Trump in particular is known to be an advocate for animal rights and welfare.

In fact, one of the couple's dogs was rescued from pretty heart-wrenching conditions. On May 16, Lara posted some photos of the adopted beagle, Ben, writing that three years ago she and her husband had taken in a "depressed, forgotten, abused, hopeless, sick dog" with the intention to foster and re-home when the time was right. But the longer Ben stayed with them, the more attached they became. Near the end of the caption, Lara wrote, "Needless to say, we couldn’t let him go" and revealed that the couple ultimately had adopted Ben. Eric Trump has also posted photos of the beagles on his Insta, showing that the pups really are an important part of Lara and Eric Trumps' family.

Though Tiffany and Eric Trump seem to love their furry family members, the same can't be said for their dad, President Donald Trump, who is famously the first president in decades who doesn't have a dog. In fact, sources close to Trump reportedly told The Washington Post in August 2018 that the president has "an aversion to dogs," which might explain why he likes to use "dog" as an insult.

Clearly, not all of Trump's children agree with this reported stance. Which is good news for the rest of us. Bring on the cute pics!