A screenshot from the video of TWICE's "Sweet Summer Day" performance.

TWICE Performed A New Song At Their Comeback Special That'll Brighten Your Day


Fans didn't have to wait long to see TWICE perform their new songs off their latest EP, MORE & MORE. The day of their comeback on June 1, the group held a livestream on YouTube, during which they performed their b-side track "Sweet Summer Day" for the very first time. This video of TWICE's "Sweet Summer Day" performance will make ONCE so happy.

Nine months after releasing Feel Special in September 2019, TWICE made their epic return with their ninth EP, MORE & MORE. The album features seven new songs, including the lead single "MORE & MORE" and the track "Sweet Summer Day."

Ahead of their comeback, TWICE teased their summery new concept through a set of video teasers and concept photos. With the members showing off colorful new hair styles and fashions, fans couldn't get enough of TWICE's breathtaking visuals, so when the group finally shared their mesmerizing "MORE & MORE" music video, fans were ecstatic.

Knowing TWICE was having their comeback special live on YouTube, fans around the globe tuned into the broadcast, hoping they would get a few performances of their favorite MORE & MORE tracks.

As soon as the special started, fans were already taken aback because the set was designed to look like TWICE's "MORE & MORE" music video and the girls even wore their same outfits. TWICE happily greeted fans and expressed their feelings about their comeback during the special before delivering a surprise performance of "Sweet Summer Day."

In case you missed it, you can watch their performance below.

During the special, TWICE discussed their favorite songs off their EP. According to Soompi, a few of the members picked their title track, while Tzuyu chose "Sweet Summer Day."

"It feels like a song that goes well with summer, and I like how energetic it is," she said.

ONCE then got another surprise: TWICE performed "MORE & MORE" live for the first time. While the girls opted for a more laid back performance of the track with no choreo, TWICE went all out for "MORE & MORE" by basically recreating their music video.

Watch their performance below.

What these videos show is TWICE continues to top themselves every comeback they make.