20 Tweets About TWICE's "More & More" Music Video That Show Fans Are Loving This Comeback.

ONCE Are Losing It Over How Amazing TWICE's New Music Video Is


TWICE is serving some major looks in their "MORE & MORE" music video. The girls coordinated their outfits, hair colors, and makeup to fit with their visual's summery theme. These 20 tweets about TWICE's "MORE & MORE" music video show fans think Jihyo, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu look like absolute angels.

Leading up to their comeback on June 1, TWICE gave fans a taste of their latest era through their concept films and video teasers. The clips showed the members flaunting new hair colors and styles, as well as beautiful dresses perfect for summer weather. To go along with their bright concept, the members took turns admiring flowers outside in a garden, as birds chirped in the background.

As it got closer to their comeback, TWICE teased their new music even more. Fans heard a snippet of "MORE & MORE" through a clip released on May 25. "I know I want it/ I'm not gonna try to please you anymore/ Cause I deserve it, deserve it/ Even if you dislike me for a moment, I won't worry/ Cause I know you, I know you," TWICE sings.

Fans were so excited to hear "MORE & MORE" and see its lyrics come to life through its music video. On Monday, June 1, fans were finally able to it and TWICE's gorgeous visuals and choreography took their breath away.

Watch the music video below.

Fans on Twitter shared their favorite moments from the music video. From Nayeon beginning the song and Momo leading the dance break to Dahyun and Chaeyoung slaying their rap and Sana singing in the chorus, ONCE loved everything about it.

Throughout the song, the girls sing, "You're gonna say more more more more more and more," and that's exactly what fans want after watching the video. They can't get enough of it and are already saying it's TWICE's best comeback so far.

"MORE & MORE" is the perfect summer anthem and it definitely won't be leaving fans' playlists anytime soon.