Tristan Thompson Just Called Khloé K The Sweetest Thing Ever On Camera

by Jamie LeeLo
Instagram/Khloé Kardashian

No one knows what is going on with Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson besides the two celebrities themselves. Actually, maybe Kris Jenner has an idea what's up — but other than that, no one. It's been an emotional saga for Keeping Up With The Kardashian fans as their main girl Khloé has navigated motherhood and her relationship with the professional NBA player after he cheated on her during her pregnancy with their daughter. Today, there's a video of Tristan Thompson calling Khloé Kardashian his good luck charm floating around, which is a far cry from where we were eight months ago.

To be fair, Thompson had been noticeably absent from Kardashian's Instagram feed around the holidays. Even though they'd popped up in each other's stories and fans know Kardashian spent Thanksgiving in Cleveland, a.k.a. Thompson's home base, they'd honestly really cooled it with all the PDA compared to when they first got together and you couldn't get through an Instagram scroll session or a KUWTK episode without seeing or hearing about how happy Khloé was in her relationship.

Today, her number one focus is clearly her baby girl, True. Still, Kardashian surprised her fans when Thompson popped up in her New Year's Eve videos and the two kissed when the clock struck midnight.

Now, TMZ has footage of the Good American founder and basketball player leaving the Los Angeles restaurant Craig's after the Cleveland Cavaliers finally, finally, finally broke their losing streak. After losing 12 games in a row, Thompson and his teammates beat the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday, Jan. 13, with Kardashian in the stands. Maybe it's her new platinum hair. Maybe it's some positive mojo they've built up around their relationship. Maybe it was just pure luck, like, real luck. But, Thompson says the win was all thanks to Khloé.

Paparazzi walked with the couple as they exited the restaurant and asked them about the game. The cameraman can be heard asking, "Hey guys, did having Khloé courtside help you guys break the losing streak today?"

Without hesitation, Khlo turns around and says, "Obviously."

The cameraman adds, "You're the good luck charm, right?"

Simultaneously, Khloé repeats her phrase, "Obviously," while Thompson adds, "Of course." He then opens the car door for her before getting in on the other side.

Both celebs dodged questions about the potential for more babies, but Thompson did tell the paparazzi man to "have a good night" before leaving.

It was, ya know, a kind of lovely interaction(?).

Honestly, Thompson should be in a good mood after that win. He made 15 points and 14 rebounds, helping the Cavs take down the Lakers 101-95. (TMZ also made sure to mention LeBron was not there. LOL.) For me, it's always fascinating to see what professional athletes do after a long day at the office (ha), but I guess a nice dinner with your girlfriend is a sweet choice.

Only time and maybe Kris Jenner will tell what happens with Khloé and Tristan, but her fans are always continually hoping for the best.