This video of Sophie Turner reviewing her fashion moments is so much to unpack.

Sophie Turner Said Her Outfit At Kit Harington’s Wedding Was One Of Her Worst Looks

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Sophie Turner has an air about her that makes her look effortlessly fashionable. Her outfits are generally sophisticated or daring, and most wouldn't guess that she, too, has bad outfit days. Turner pulls off everything from sportswear and chunky sneakers to elegant gowns, but there's one outfit that she really, really regrets. Revealing one of her most-hated fashion choices, this video of Sophie Turner reviewing her fashion moments is such a wild ride.

TBH, Turner seems to have it all: She's married to a Jo Bro, her style choices are mind-blowingly good, and she's an alum of Game of Thrones. But even she has bad days, and some choice outfit decisions that she counts among her fashion regrets. Turner opened up about some of her iconic looks for Elle magazine’s “It’s a Mood” series on YouTube. Posted on Wednesday, March 4, the star critiqued seven of her past looks, including the outfit she wore to Kit Harington and Rose Leslie's wedding in 2018.

Apparently, Turner deeply regrets the outfit. As soon as she saw the photo, her reaction was an immediate, "Oh no!" The outfit in question was a red blazer dress and black over-the-knee boots. “I’ll forever regret this look,” she said, calling it "one of her worst." She continued, “This is at Kit and Rose’s wedding, and I had a fashion emergency. Both of my really classy dresses that I picked out did not fit me." Because the dresses arrived on the day of the wedding, Turner says she didn't get the chance to try them on ahead of time. "They didn't fit me," she told Elle.

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When faced with her decision, it was too late to remedy the situation and call fashion 911, so Turner had to wear the red blazer dress and pick out shoes to match. "It was either like the thigh high boots or these nice heels," she explained. "But I felt like, if I just wear the heels, then like, all of my leg is showing." Turner laughed about the incident, "It was the worst, worst fashion choice."

The video, of course, shows plenty of fashion wins for Turner. The first look featured is from Turner's first time in LA, when she apparently put together her own look for a press event for Season 3 of Game of Thrones. She commented, "This was a self-put-together look; no stylist involved. I thought I did a pretty good job."

Other outfits Turner reviewed include a black dress from Mugler at a Paris event, her Alexander Vauthier gown for her hubby's James Bond-themed birthday party, and the Louis Vuitton sequin jumpsuit she wore to the Met Gala. Turner commented that the Vauthier gown, however, looked better on Taylor Swift when she wore it to an event. "She looked much better in it than I did," she joked.

Turner picked out the Louis Vuitton sequin jumpsuit as one of her favorite looks to date. "This is completely one of my favorite looks I've ever done," she said. The jumpsuit was apparently made up of about four million sequins!

You can watch the video from Elle's "It's a Mood" series to see Turner's full commentary.