Stormi Had The Cutest Reaction To Kylie Jenner Giving Her A Louis Vuitton Purse

Instagram/Kylie Jenner

Stormi Webster is a very cute baby. And that cute baby just celebrated her first Christmas. Kylie Jenner posted a handful of videos of Stormi earlier this week still opening some of her Christmas presents, but the video of Kylie Jenner giving Stormi a Louis Vuitton purse takes the cake, bar none.

In the adorable video posted on Jan. 8, Stormi is sitting in a new chair her dear old dad had recently gotten for her. Stormi is then handed a baby-sized Louis Vuitton bag very, very slowly, and the sheer joy on Stormi's face as she reaches for the bag as it slowly inches closer and closer to her is just the cutest. Also, the least relatable thing I've ever seen because, wow, there's a lot of money in this video, but cute nonetheless.

Kylie Jenner agrees, of course, as she's heard in the video saying, "You are too cute!!" Then Stormi throws the bag over her arm and then her shoulder (she learned that from her mom, grandma, and aunties, no doubt), and starts to wave and say, "bye bye!" We stan a babbling queen!

"Daddy dropped off a new chair for stormi😫😍 and omg this girl threw the bag over her shoulder I can’t," Jenner said in the caption.

Heckin'. Cute. Baby.

Jenner then posted a selfie of her sitting in the chair Travis Scott gifted Stormi and said, "MOOD ALL 2019."

Girl, that blue hair is a mood for sure.

While the new chair was from her dad, the tiny Louis Vuitton bag was apparently a gift from Auntie Kiki.

Kim Kardashian posted a photo of eight — count 'em, eight — of the same Louis Vuitton bag Stormi is werking with in Jenner's video.

Kim Kardashian on Instagram

"I got these for all of the baby girls in the fam for Xmas from Japan," Kardashian said in the caption on her Instagram story on Jan. 8. Awwww, Auntie Kim! You shouldn't have! And by shouldn't have, I mean you should've gotten me one also! Kinda rude you didn't!

By the way, there might be another Kardashian baby on the way. And it's not a sibling for Stormi Webster. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly expecting their fourth baby! According to reports, the couple has opted for the surrogacy route again and is expecting their fourth baby, reportedly a boy, to arrive in May. Elite Daily reached out to Kardashian's team for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication. If these baby rumors are true, this little buddy will be the 10th grandchild in the Kardashian/Jenner family and the fourth boy.

Back in October 2018, Kylie Jenner talked about the possibility of having more kids in an impromptu Q&A session with her fans on her Snapchat story.

“Am I going to have another baby?" Jenner said on her Snapchat story. "I want another baby, but when is the question, and I’m definitely not ready right this second." She continued, "When I do, I would love to share more of that with you guys." I guess Stormi will just have to be cool with being an only child for a bit.