What Happened After Kim K & Kanye West Pulled Up Next To A Hollywood Tour Bus Is So Funny

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If you've ever been to Hollywood, you've probably seen/been on one of those Hollywood tour buses that take you around the famous city, seeing the homes of celebrities and other Hollywood landmarks along the way. One thing you imagine could happen, but never really expect will, is running into actual celebrities on your tour. But that's exactly what happened to one group of tourists when Kanye West decided to greet a Hollywood tour bus. And the video of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West surprising fans on a tour bus is hilarious.

Kim Kardashian posted the video, which was shot by Kendall Jenner, to her Twitter on April 29 with laughing emojis as the caption. In the video, West is driving the car with Kardashian in the front passenger seat. Kendall and Kris Jenner are sitting in the two back seats. They're just bopping around, minding their own business, when West decides it would be funny to pull up next to a Hollywood tour bus, roll down their car windows, and say hello.

The bus of tourists pull out their cameras in excitement, naturally, and Kendall Jenner is doing the same.

"This is so cute!" is the first thing you hear Kris Jenner saying, then Kardashian, seemingly embarrassed or nervous about what's going to happen next, whispered "Stop it! Keep going!" to West.

"It's all downhill from here. Tour's over!" West joked to the tour bus.

"Tour's over!" Kris Jenner echoed.

Oh, Kanye.

Imagine being on a tour bus, looking to your left, and seeing this.

People can't really get over the fact that Kris Jenner said the tour bus full of tourists was "so cute."

It's likely that she meant the tour bus was cute, not the tourists themselves, but it's still a funny point.

"This is so cute!"

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When you think about it, running into a family this famous is kind of the best-case scenario when it comes to Hollywood tours. You're on them to see the sights in the city of ~stars~, so having a chance encounter with the Kardashians is pretty ideal.

The Kardashian family is getting another member pretty soon, by the way. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their fourth child, a boy, sometime soon. To celebrate the impending arrival of their second son, Kardashian threw a CBD oil-themed baby shower that was all about relaxation and meditation. And, you know, CBD oil.

CBD, in case you didn't know, is extracted from the cannabis plant, but doesn't contain the same qualities that make you high like weed does. It's frequently used as a stress reliever, and is even known to help reduce inflammation and ease chronic pain. So basically, it gives you the effects of smoking weed without the THC (the quality in weed that makes you feel high). With a new baby on the way, their fourth one at that, it's no surprise that Kardashian's baby shower theme was all about relaxation. It's the calm before the (baby) storm.

The pictures from the shower looked amazing.

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That was probably the most relaxing baby shower in the history of baby showers. I gotta get me an invitation next time.