Jason Momoa Had An Epic Response To Haters Saying He Has A Dad Bod

Rich Lam/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

One of the best ways to beat a few trolls is to basically ignore them. At least that's what Jason Momoa is doing after being body-shamed (I know, right) for having a "dad bod" (yeah, I know, right), according to some fans who found his appearance on a family vacation to be not up to par with their standards. In fact, you should see the video of Jason Momoa responding to people saying he has a "dad bod." He's got the coolest answer.

As I mentioned earlier, some fans got to body-shaming Jason Momoa, apparently, for his inability to maintain year-round, perfectly chiseled, rock-hard, six-pack abs like the rest of the internet. *Rolls eyes* Honestly, he looked perfectly normal. Still, trolls took to Twitter to say the actor, who has graced the cover of Men's Health on numerous occasions, has "been working on his 'dad bod,'" and "Needs to start lifting again... " So rude and uncalled for. Let the man vacay in peace.

Anyway, on July 30, TMZ caught up with Momoa while he was leaving Los Angeles International Airport and asked him how he felt about the "dad bod" comments. TMZ strategically leads into the question by referencing a Guinness cake Momoa ate during his surprise birthday party over the weekend which is posted on his vlog. But, the Aquaman star was clearly unfazed by it all.

"Happy 40th bro. How was the Guinness cake?" the outlet asked prompting Momoa to sweetly answer, "Amazing, anything Guinness is good."

"That's not going to quell rumors you've got a 'dad bod' eating cake," said the paparazzi. And then, came the most brilliant response of them all.

"Oh, that's alright," Momoa said while patting his belly.

"Didn't, that bother you at all?" the pap asked.

Again, in the most chill and highly unbothered way possible, Momoa replied, "Not at all." Take that trolls! For the record, there's nothing wrong with dad bods. And if Jason Momoa had one, he'd still look like a god among men, so whatever.

But seriously, when did we come into a time when even an actor who is seriously buff is being criticized for not being as buff as he was while filming a superhero movie? How am I supposed to feel comfortable going outside ⁠— or anyone else for that matter ⁠— if people are going to be so harsh and judgmental from behind their smart devices? The people on the other end really need to look inward. Many of Momoa's fans felt a similar way and came for his trolls on Twitter.

"Most women have had to put up with this BS for years. Let's NOT do this to men too. Nobody is better off as a result of constantly obsessing over 5 pounds. FFS this dude is in better shape than 99.9% of Americans," wrote one user.

"CN: body shaming FFS PEOPLE ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING 1. It is never okay to body shame or fat shame. Never. Not even a little, not even at all! 2. #1 again 3. Are you using your eyes? This man could probably pick you up and throw you in the ocean, only he's too nice to do that," tweeted another.

They are exactly right. Plus, Momoa seems like a super humble dude and I'm sure he has more important things to worry about, like saving the planet (seriously check out his Instagram) and spending time with his loved ones ahead of his 40th birthday, which is on Aug. 1. Trolls, as well as everyone else, let's learn to love our bodies as much as Momoa loves his family, and the planet, and his Guinness cake.