BTS' RM, Jimin, & V Just Teased Some Major Details About The Making Of Their New Album

by Karen Ruffini

K-Pop band BTS has had one hell of a 2018, and it seems like there are no plans to slow down in 2019. They've been gaining attention on an international level, and it's pretty plain to see why: because they're all absurdly talented, duh. After their three musical releases in 2018 — Face Yourself, Love Yourself: Tear, and Love Yourself: Answer — the band's fan base (lovingly known as the BTS ARMY) are wondering when they'll be hearing new music, and I may have some pretty great news. There's a new video of BTS' RM, Jimin, and V teasing details about their album, and no, this is not a drill!

Initially, a report that was translated by AllKPop states that their new music could drop as soon as "early 2019," and that can honestly mean any time at this point (but RM did tease that the album is coming sooner than later on the Grammys red carpet on Feb. 10, and based on some fan theories involving the BBMAs and the boys' newly announced Speak Yourself tour, fans are anticipating new music as early as April). The report stated:

BTS is currently preparing for a new transformation... They are very busy with preparations for their new album, set for release in early 2019... After finishing up their Love Yourself series, BTS are in the midst of drawing up a new series concept. The framework of the next series has been set, and there's only intricate details remaining. They have also already completed recording some of their b-sides.

Elite Daily reached out to BTS' team for confirmation on the comeback rumors, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Excellent news, amirite?

But now, let's get to the point, and that point being the BTS boys hinting at their new music on VLIVE, a popular South Korean live streaming service. Let's get right to that conversation, shall we?

RM originally logged on to give fans a tour of his studio (called the RKive — get it?), but after a while, Jimin and V join him in the studio.

When RM asked Jimin how he's been, Jimin reveals that they've been working on their new album.

"Are you enjoying it?" RM asked, to which Jimin replied, "Very much. You'd be surprised if you listen to it. It's something new."

Hmm. Now there's something to ponder.

"When I work on an album, I get to imagine when it's released," RM said. "I feel really proud when it's out."

Jimin then joked about their new work, saying, "When you listen to it, you'd wonder, 'Is Jimin's voice always this good?'" (The answer is probably yes, TBH.)

RM praised Jimin, saying, "You have a wonderful voice. Jimin can hit high notes, your vocal range is high."

Here's undeniable proof that Jimin's voice is similar to that of a perfectly high-pitched angel:

But I digress.

Later in the VLIVE video, RM and Jimin circle back to the topic of their album, and V joined in as well.

"I'm working hard, working on the album. I did my best. That's why I believe you're going to love it," Jimin said, to which RM replied, "No one worked harder than you did, Jimin. You play a significant role in hitting the high notes."

Jimin noted that the other members had a hard time because of him, but RM said that if it weren't for Jimin's vocal range, BTS' songs wouldn't be as amazing as they are, which is pretty much a fact at this point.

But Jimin didn't want to take all of the credit, because every member of BTS is integral. He noted that V was a huge help.

"When we raise the key, he supported us so well," Jimin said. "Our producers were happy about it. They said it's interesting that when someone does it, the other one supports him and someone else shows another charm. They said we're very interesting. They told me so... we heard that our combination is very good."

V even got a bit emotional at that little anecdote, which led Jimin to joke that he must have had a drink before the VLIVE because he wasn't like himself. LOL.

Something tells me that their producers felt that it was more than just "very good," but hey, that's just me.

You can watch the live stream below, or watch it on VLIVE for translation:

In an additional VLIVE stream, RM urged their fans to trust BTS while they're making their newest album.

"The members trust me and I trust them too," RM said, adding, "Please trust us. Please trust us a little more. We will really work hard."

RM then melted hearts everywhere by telling the BTS ARMY, "I'm always grateful for the tremendous honor you gave us ... This is all yours. In a way, BTS is you. That's what I think."

BRB, sobbing.

RM also mentioned how the BTS boys are all so different, but are all focused on one goal, and that's what makes them work so well together. He said,

We're on the same boat but looking at different things. Our personalities, strengths and weaknesses, what we wanna do are different. But as a team, we do ideal things and impossible things under BTS. Members know this point well more than I do. It's a miracle that we went this far.

Way to make my heart flutter, RM. Who am I kidding, this goes to all of the members of BTS.

Get it, boys!