This Video Of BTS Playing With V’s Dog Yeontan Backstage Is Precious

RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook may make up BTS, but there is someone else that also holds the BTS ARMY's collective heart: Yeontan. No, he's not a secret eighth member, but he might as well be with all the attention he gets from fans. Yeontan is V's Pomeranian pup and he's so tiny and adorable. The BTS ARMY can't get enough of him and it seems like neither can BTS, but at least they can actually spend time with Yeontan while the BTS ARMY has to sadly watch from afar — well, from their computer screens. It's really not fair. To make matters worse, the group just uploaded a video of BTS playing with V’s dog Yeontan and it is the cutest interaction you will ever see. Seriously.

Although the video was uploaded to BTS' YouTube channel on May 23, the actual footage was filmed months ago. Based on Jungkook's outfit and hair color, it was actually from back in September 2018 when the guys performed on the Korean music television show Show! Music Core to promote "Idol." Yeah, that far back. I don't know why BTS and their team decide to post videos months afterward, but because the video is so sweet, I won't complain.

The video starts with Yeontan jumping around on Suga's lap as he tries to make his way over the couch to his dad, V. Even though Yeontan is bouncing around and getting in Suga's face, Suga is just chilling on the couch and sipping what looks like a Starbucks drink. Meanwhile, the other members of BTS crowd around to gush over Yeontan until Jungkook picks him up and starts rocking him up and down like a little baby. Awww! I seriously can't even, guys. It's all too cute. What makes it even better is that throughout the video, you can hear the person behind the camera laughing and gushing over Yeontan, too.

To get fans all in their feelings even more, Suga calls Yeontan, "Kim Tannie," after his "father" Kim Taehyung (aka V) and then rubs the pup's little belly. Then right when V is about to get some quality time with his son, Jimin sweeps right in and takes little Tannie away. Oh no! But for good reasons. Jimin takes Yeontan to the window, where the two gaze outside to appreciate the surroundings. The video ends with Jimin playing fetch with Yeontan, but like the Slytherin he is (RM confirmed it), Jimin teases Yeontan and throws the sock (?) on top of the dresser, where Yeontan can't reach. Awww, Jimin, play fair!

Watch the whole exchange below.

The video is adorable, right? And it's just one of several videos BTS has with Yeontan. He was also there for the filming of J-Hope's "Daydream" music video, a Dec. 5 livestream with V and Jimin, and best of all, he also made a cameo in BTS' Burn The Stage: The Movie. I'm pretty sure every theater screamed the loudest during Yeontan's surprise appearance. I mean, just look at him! He is cute beyond words. I hope he's in more BTS videos in the future.