BTS Fans Are Freaking Out Over The 'Burn The Stage' Movie, Because It's That Amazing

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images/Twitter

The first official BTS movie, Burn The Stage: The Movie, has finally hit theaters nationwide. And based on the tweets about the Burn The Stage movie, the film did not disappoint the BTS fandom (lovingly called the BTS ARMY). The movie follows the BTS members — V, Jimin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, J-Hope, and Jin — as they tour the world on their 2017 Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour, and although it was based on a documentary series of the same name, the movie shows brand new interviews with the band and more behind-the-scenes looks into the boys' lives as they travel the world together that will make the film a brand new experience for fans watching.

The film released in select theaters nationwide (with English subtitles, in case you were worried about that) on Nov. 15 and fans have been showing their love for the group on Twitter ever since.

"I think @BTS_twt should make more cinema movies, seeing them on the big screen, this is another experience. As soon as the movie starts we take off to have new journey with them in business class," one fan said of the movie.

Another fan said, "Bts burn the stage the movie is the best thing that’s ever happened to me," showing BTS fans knew the movie was going to be great going into the theater, but they had no idea how much they would love it once they finally saw it.

Just the fan reactions to the Burn The Stage: The Movie trailer alone proved the BTS Army was more than just excited for the full movie to release.

And now fans have been properly slayed by the full movie.

The movie was clearly a deeply emotional experience for the fans of the group.

Burn The Stage: The Movie comes at the end of a hugely successful few years for the band. In the last two years, BTS has successfully expanded its popularity among international audiences, including the United States, to the point where it has won the Billboard Top Social Artist award two years in a row and is consistently ranked number one on the Billboard social chart (the group has been ranked number one for 100 consecutive weeks). Much of the top 10 places on that ranking include competing K-Pop groups such as NCT 127, EXO, and MONSTA X, which all have massive fanbases of their own, so to be at the top of that social chart when your competitors have reputably massive followings is quite the feat. It should come as no surprise that BTS got a documentary series and follow-up feature film based on that.

Some fans on Twitter who have already seen the movie are saying it's much different from its YouTube series counterpart. The eight-part documentary series of the same name aired its first episode on March 28, 2017, on YouTube Red, but it apparently doesn't share as many similarities with the film as fans expected. But that doesn't appear to be a bad thing in the slightest, according to the tweets from fans (considering they would have been totally down to watch the same footage in movie form all over again):

To say this group is popular among music fans would be an understatement. My official pitch for the title of the inevitable Burn The Stage sequel is Burn The Stage 2: Burn The Box Office.