Jungkook Posted The Cutest Video Singing Jimin's "Promise," So Get Ready To Feel Things

by Hollee Actman Becker

In case you somehow missed it, BTS member Jimin surprised fans on New Year's Eve with the drop of his very first solo track, "Promise." And it's sooooo good, you guys! The song features two minutes and 31 seconds of soft guitar music and a sweet mix of both Korean and English vocals. There's no denying that its release was a major gift to fans, but no one was apparently more stoked than Jimin's bandmate Jungkook, who just covered the hit single in a clip on social media. Seriously, you guys, this video Of BTS' Jungkook singing Jimin's "Promise" will totally melt your heart. I mean, what an amazingly supportive friend, you know? We don't call him the golden maknae for no reason!

Obviously, Jungkook is totally down with Jimin's solo project and is here to help promote it with his amazing cover (much like Jimin does for him and all his solo endeavors). And, like, where can I find me a friend like that? Is there an app I can use or something? Lemme know.

Anyway, the best part of the video is the fact that Jungkook filmed it from inside a very luxurious-looking closet. You heard me. Jimin is legit lip-syncing to "Promise" in front of a row of hanging shirts and jackets, and you, for real, need to see it ASAP because the entire situation is just all kinds of awesome and will totally make your day. I mean, it totally made mine, so here you go:

You. Are. So. Welcome.

According to fans on Twitter, Jungkook's tweet translates to, "Also Jimin-ssi cannot escape from me either." He's referencing the video he posted shortly before jamming out to V's new solo single, "Scenery."

Jimin responded a short time later, writing, "Ah, this cutie," according to fans.

So why is Jungkook in a closet? Hell if I know. Maybe the acoustics are poppin' in there?

Anyway, I am so here for this whole amazing turn of events so I'mma just roll with it. And for the record, fans on Twitter apparently feel the same.

Honestly, this whole thing is just such a mood. Are #closetconcerts trending yet? Because if not, they definitely should be.

Also, I'm kinda jealous about how nicely organized Jungkook's closet seems to be. Is this his side gig? And if so, can he come over and do mine next? I mean, I'm happy to let him film in there afterward if that's his jam. I'll even give him a chair and some good lights or whatever.

Meanwhile, the fact that Jungkook chose "Promise" to perform in the video is totally fitting (closet jokes!), since Jimin wrote the song not just for himself, but also as a message to fans about self-love. According to translations from BTS fansite ARMY Cafe and Twitter account Chageunjimie, this is what Jimin is singing during the chorus:

I want you to be your light, baby / You should be your light / For you to not hurt anymore / To make you smile / You could be your night / So I can be honest with you tonight

Then at the end of the song, Jimin asks listeners to link pinkies and make a promise that no matter how many times they feel alone in a day they won't "throw" themselves away.

So sweet! And if there's no one around to pinky promise with, just hop in your closet and rock out like Junkook instead.