BTS' Jimin & Jungook Just Posted The Most Supportive Videos Singing V's Solo Song "Scenery"

by Jamie LeeLo

Everyone deserves friends like Jimin and Jungkook. The two BTS members are out here supporting their bandmate V after he just released his solo single, "Scenery," and it's so much fun to see. While V is hardly the first BTS member to do something solo, his BTS brothers are supporting him just as enthusiastically as if he invented singles themselves. In fact, there are videos of BTS' Jimin and Jungkook singing V's song "Scenery" being shared all over Twitter right now and ARMYs are eating it up.

V released the single on the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 30 (EST, at least). It's a soulful, sweet melody with an emotional chorus and melancholy lyrics. According to ARMY, V went out of his way to incorporate organic sounds into the instrumentals of the music like the flicker of a camera shutter, his own breath, and wind chimes. It's all very touching. Some the words are:

In the park where the moon at dawn has passed / I contain my current feelings / This song goes towards you...
I still wonder, wonder / beautiful story / still wonder ,wonder / best part / I still wander, wander / Next story / I want to make you mine
...That very moment, that time, that appearance / having missed it, my emotions feel sad / I regret it, I hope that very moment exists again

You guys get it.

Before diving into Jungkook and Jimin's videos, listen to the song in its natural state here first:

Fans are going wild on Twitter showering their praise for V. In fact, they even started the hashtag #ProudofyouTaehyung. While Jimin and Jungkook's posts don't include the hashtag, their actions speak louder than words.

Both guys snapped intimate videos of themselves lip-syncing to "Scenery," and for some reason they both make me really emotional.

Jimin chose a plain white wall as his backdrop and only included a few seconds of the song's chorus. Still, he gives a sweet thumbs up to V at the end and a heartwarming smile.

As for Jungkook, it looks like he locked himself in a (seriously impressive) closet to record his video. Jungkook gives a truly emotional performance to the opening of the song and really, really commits to making sure he nails all of V's breaths and riffs. It's both playful and sweet.

In merely an hour, both videos have hundreds of thousands of likes and retweets, making them almost as popular as V's original tune.

Like, almost.

Many people are continuing to spread the love by telling V they "purple" him, a phrase he coined. So, in place of saying "I love you," fans are tweeting "I purple you" and sharing loads of purple heart emojis, including BTS' official Twitter handle.

Listen, everyone. Get you a music boy band that supports and loves you as much as Jimin and Jungkook support and love V. Like, how can my friends live up to the standard they set? How?

Great work out there, everyone. For real.