Jimin From BTS Dyed His Hair Purple For The SMAs & Took "I Purple You" To An Epic New Level


The Seoul Music Awards brought the BTS ARMY a gift. It brought us a new Jimin hair color. And yes, fans are already in love with it. Jimin from BTS' new purple hair at the Seoul Music Awards is 1) an amazing color, and 2) a sweet nod to his ever-loyal fans. In case you didn't know, V originated one particular phrase that the boys all now say to their fans. The phrase, in English, is "I Purple You" and it means "I love you." So now Jimin has purple hair and everything is perfect.

BTS made an appearance at the Seoul Music Awards on Tuesday, Jan. 15, in South Korea. The group was nominated for four awards — the Bonsang Award, Record of the Year, the Popularity Award, and the K-Wave Popular Award — and thanks to the time difference, fans already know which awards they won! The group took home the Bonsang and Record of the Year awards. Yay, BTS boys!

When they got up on stage to accept the award, Jin started thanking the fans and teasing the impending arrival of their next album. Then, purple-haired Jimin went up to the mic and said "Army... Borahae!" with a giant smirk on his face. "Borahae" means — you guessed it— "I purple you."

Fans loved the purple hair so much, "Purple Jimin" began trending sixth worldwide shortly after they walked the red carpet.

You can't stop them loving Jimin's hair!!

We're only 15 days into 2019, and Jimin has already had three different hair colors. At the beginning of 2019 (which, again, was two weeks ago), Jimin had blonde hair. Then he debuted his new pink hair color on Jan. 12th. And finally, at the SMAs on Jan. 15, he debuted the purple hair. Outside of making me think he has a deep love for all colors that are found on Easter eggs, all of these hair changes were the perfect road to accomplishing his current purple color.

When you dye your hair a dramatic color (like purple, for example), you can't just go from whatever color you had before and expect the new shade you want to seamlessly appear. Nope, you need lots and lots of bleach. So he probably went to pink as a jumping off point for the purple, then finally got to the purple in time for the SMAs (BTS' hair stylists definitely know what they're doing). And the BTS ARMY definitely purples it!

All of the BTS boys really love to play with their hair color. At the 2019 Golden Disc Awards on Sunday, Jan. 6, BTS' RM debuted a dual-colored new 'do that fans were (mostly) in love with.

Much like Lady Gaga's hair at the 2019 Golden Globes, RM's hair was blue and blonde.

I feel like the BTS boys are working together to make their hair colors every single color of the rainbow. Honestly, not mad at it. It's giving me some serious hair inspo.