This Tweet Lays Out The Real Reasons Why You Should Hit The Gym & It's Everything

by Georgina Berbari

It's 2018 people, so I think we can all collectively agree that going to the gym solely for the sake of conforming to society's standards about how women "should" look is the most wildly absurd concept ever. Instead of buying into that BS, it's important for us as women to appreciate that working out is simply an amazing, healthy way to make you feel like the best and most badass version of yourself. That's why, when I came across a tweet about reasons to hit the gym that doesn't focus on arbitrary patriarchal beauty standards, my heart basically soared and it was the most hilariously accurate thing I've ever read.

Unfortunately, our society is plagued with a toxic diet culture and unrealistic body standards that often make it seem like women only hit up the gym with the sheer intention of shrinking their waist size or looking sexy in a bikini. Of course, at the end of the day, the reason why you work out is entirely up to you and your personal goals. But in reality, there are so many reasons to stick to a workout schedule that have literally nothing to do at all with appearance or how others perceive you.

Thankfully, an extremely brilliant woman tweeted about some of those reasons, and it's everything we could have ever hoped for.

Twitter user @veryann0yed was clearly, well, very annoyed with the "normal" societal standards that dictate why women "should" exercise, so she took matters into her own hands by creating her own six-point list of why you should hit up the weight room — and TBH, I've never seen something more on point in my life.

I mean, hopefully no one reading this will come to a point in their lives where they find themselves outrunning the cops, but like, everything else on the list is #goals AF, amirite?

BTW, if you think the original list couldn't possibly get any better, think again.

Twitter responded to the woman's genius tweet with some of their own suggested bullet points to add to the list, and we need to slow-clap it out for literally all of them.

Yazzy Saz, I'm totally with you, girl. Puppies are life.

So sassy, and so on point.

Why yes, I do need to include another tweet about dogs because those furry angels can truly do no wrong.

All jokes aside, though, the original tweet does bring some seriously awesome points to the table about what you can truly gain from working out. For example, finding ways to move that you genuinely, wholeheartedly love does actually, in a way, help you live longer: According to The New York Times, squeezing in a sweat sesh every now and then can decrease your risk of developing heart disease.

Plus, everyone can agree that sleeping soundly through the night is the most glorious feeling in the world, right? Well, moving your body on the reg (even for as little as 10 minutes at a time) can drastically improve the amount and quality of your nightly shut-eye.

And yes, in case you were wondering, if you're struggling with low libido, low energy, or lack of stamina in the bedroom, consistent exercise can definitely help with those issues. Incorporating workouts that you love into your lifestyle not only keeps your body in great, healthy shape, it can also boost your overall self-confidence, which is always a plus when it comes to gettin' down and dirty with a partner, ya feel me?

And hey, if great sex, a longer life, and an amazing sleep schedule don't sound substantial enough to you, at the very least, not being interrupted in the middle of jamming out to a killer playlist sounds pretty good, too, don't you think?

All of that being said, I personally think that this tweet should be taped to the front door of every gym in existence. It's just the right thing to do.