This Starbucks Instagram Story Filter will match you with one of your fave drinks.

Find Out Which Starbucks Drink You Are With This New Instagram Filter

Zhang Peng/LightRocket/Getty Images

Following the popular trend of AR predictor filters, this new Starbucks Instagram Story filter will tell you which drink you are. Now, maybe you've never wondered which drink you are, but even so, you can also use the new filter as way to help you decide what you want to order. Can't seem to figure out if you want something hot or cold? Fire up the Starbucks filter, and you'll see if you should get a Dragon Drink or an Americano.

Finding out which Starbucks drink you are is easy. Once you have the filter, just record a selfie video in your Instagram Camera, and watch the options scroll above your head until you get a result. Some of the drinks in the filter include the PSL, the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, Starbucks' Hot Chocolate, and the Flat White. Like the other AR predictor filters, you'll be able to get a different answer each time you use it, so if you don't like what you get the first time, don't worry.

Although these AR filters aren't always so easy to find, there are a few ways to go about it.

Get the Starbucks Instagram Story filter from Starbucks.

The coffee chain only recently released the filter, so your first move should be to head to Starbucks' Instagram account and follow these steps:

  1. Once you're on the Starbucks' IG, scroll down and tap on the effects tab in the profile (the smiley face icon located next to the IGTV icon).
  2. The only filter there is the "Which Drink?" filter. Select the tile.
  3. Choose "Try It" or select the down arrow to save it to your Stories Camera.

Have a friend send it to you.

If you've seen a friend use the filter, you can ask them to send it in a Direct Message. They just need to pull up their Stories camera and select the filter, then choose "Send To" and select your profile.

  1. Once they DM you, you'll see the filter tile in the message. Tap the filter tile.
  2. Select the down arrow to save it to your Instagram camera.

Get the filter from a friend's Story.

If you get lucky and one of your friends has tried the filter, you can snag it right from their Story.

  1. Find a friend who's posted a video with the "Which Drink?" Starbucks filter, and go to their Story
  2. Select the "Which Drink?" title at the top of the Story.
  3. Choose "Try it" or "Save Effect" to use the filter.

Once you have the filter, you can share it with your friends, or you can even film a video with your BFF to see which respective Starbucks' drinks each of you match up with.