The exterior of the Seashell House on Airbnb features a private pool and unique white architecture.

You Can Stay At This Seashell-Shaped House & Channel Your Inner Mermaid

When I was a little kid, I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid. My bed had blankets with Ariel all over them, and I knew the words to "Under the Sea" by heart. It was my dream to be a mermaid, until I realized that really isn't a profession in the "real world." But there are places like this seashell house on Airbnb that exist and will make you, and me, feel like an aquatic princess.

From the moment you arrive, this house will make you want to belt out your favorite songs from the classic film and wear a bathing suit made out of starfish and seaweed. You'll want pretend you've been whisked off your feet by the love of your life — who happens to live on land — and brush your hair with a fork. (OK, maybe you'll stick to an actual hairbrush.) To say the least, it'll be a magical experience.

You and your go-to travel buddies will enjoy sleeping in beds that resemble a clam shell and getting ready for a day at the beach in a shower that's covered in shells. Little details like that are exactly what you can expect from a few nights at this seashell house on Airbnb.


Although this house has been dubbed "The World Famous Seashell House," as per the Airbnb listing, it's called Casa Caracol and is located in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. It's nestled into a very tropical destination where the beach has bright teal water and white sand. The host, Michelle, notes that North Beach is 15 minutes from the home by golf cart and El Garrafon, a snorkel park, is nearby as well.

In addition to those attractions, you and your BFFs can settle in your seashell home that has remote controlled air conditioning and WiFi, and then explore the property that's also home to many little geckos. Personally, I'd spend ample time relaxing by the pool and taking pictures with the seashell house's exquisite and immense amount of decorations.


From room to room, you'll notice the seashell theme remains the same. You'll find their intricate twirls in chairs, bordering round mirrors in the bathroom, and acting as spouts over sinks. Not to mention, when you first see the property, you'll notice the main architecture is the same build and shape as a seashell.

The home sleeps up to four people in its two sections or "shells." Each has a king bed with a private bath so you have plenty of space to get ready for the day and lounge. There is an additional "shell" behind the other shells with another king bed, private bath, and a seating area if you have more than four people in your group traveling to this one-of-a-kind place. However, that will cost extra.

Throughout your stay, be sure to spend time in the kitchenette, making yourself snacks, and taking a break from the "real world" on the balcony that has beautiful #views of the pool. Wander down to the sea for sunset, and document your stay from start to finish.


To book the seashell house, or Casa Caracol, head to the Airbnb listing and review the details, rules, and amenities. You'll notice that there's a maid service that comes twice per week. So if you're planning to stay for a week or 10 days, your space will be cleaned and made fresh.

The house has a rate starting at $303 per night. Split between everyone in your friend group, the final price tag won't totally break your bank. If you need the extra "shell," it'll cost you an additional $99 per night.

Once you make your reservation, start planning what bathing suits and sun hats you're going to bring, and get ready to channel your inner mermaid. Maybe watch The Little Mermaid with your travel buds, or at least listen to the soundtrack while you're at work. I'll be on my side of the ocean belting out "Under the Sea" too.