This Meghan & Kate Relationship Update Sounds Friendly AF To Me

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Feud my a**. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton don't hate each other, y'all. You can't convince me. You shan't! Especially not after this Meghan and Kate relationship update. According to reports, the two duchesses have spent the last year since Meghan's wedding getting closer than ever, texting all the time and being pillars of support for each other. Color me shocked. Elite Daily reached out to Buckingham and Kensington Palace for comment on this report, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

Meghan and Kate, and the royal family in general, go through the wringer when it comes to tabloid news. Royal family drama sells, so rumors about in-fighting and family turmoil are always being spewed around. It's nearly impossible for the family to dispute any of the rumors, given the family's long-held policy of not commenting on any reports made about them. They don't talk about their personal politics, and they don't talk about their private lives or what anyone might be saying about them. That's been the norm for decades, and it probably won't change while Queen Elizabeth is still queen.

That's what has made American fans of the royal family a bit frustrated with the family and the rumors surrounding it, according to royal experts. Royal correspondents feel there's a frustration surrounding the way Meghan is treated in the tabloids and the family's lack of public declinations in response to it. Meghan and Kate really are pitted against each other a lot in reports about their relationship, but a source told Hello Magazine that reports of Meghan and Kate not getting along are far from the truth.

"Despite reports of a rift, they are family and have a really lovely friendship," the source told the outlet. "Their relationship has certainly evolved over time and they have become closer since Meghan's wedding."

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Not only have they gotten closer, but they also text all the time, according to this source.

"They talk and text regularly," they said. "They have more in common, and Kate has wanted to make sure Meghan has felt welcome into the family." Yeah! Kate is nice and welcoming! And they love each other!

The Duchess of Cambridge, a mother of three, reportedly emotionally supported Meghan during her pregnancy with Archie, her first child.

"Kate was a great source of support to Meghan in the days leading up to Archie's birth," the source said. Do women who hate each other help the other prepare for childbirth?! No! They also don't go on casual outings to their husbands' polo matches with their kids in tow, either. They definitely don't make a girls day out of Wimbledon, either.

Honestly, I'm hella tired of hearing about these two not getting along. They literally have zero reason not to, and the squabbling sisters-in-law trope is so old. Please, enough of this. Hopefully the duchesses take the rumors about their "feud" with a grain of salt, though based on what Meghan said to Pharrell at The Lion King London premiere about it not being easy to be a royal, she might be struggling with it all. Leave Meghan and Kate alone!