Jin and Jungkook from BTS had cameos in Suga's "Daechwita" video.

BTS’ Jin & Jungkook Joked Suga Begged Them To Cameo In “Daechwita” In This New Video

by Daffany Chan

As if ARMYs were not already hype enough after Suga dropped his "Daechwita" music video, now BTS has released an exciting new behind-the-scenes video featuring candid moments from the making of the latest release. This making-of clip for BTS' Suga's "Daechwita" video includes a cameo from Jin and Jungkook. Here's what happened during the behind-the-scenes clip.

On Sunday, May 24, BTS' YouTube channel BANGTANTV shared a video showing the making of Suga's new music video, "Daechwita." In the behind-the-scenes look, Suga explained his role in the music video. "I have to play the role of the mad king," he said. "Never done it, but I'll give it a shot." He goes on to explain the concept of the video, about separate versions of himself battling for the throne.

When the music video was released on Friday, May 22, ARMYs were pleasantly surprised to notice Jin and Jungkook pop up in a scene. The two BTS stars also make a cameo in the behind-the-scenes video and are interviewed about their scene. Jin explained, “We are here as background talent,” while Jungkook said, “Don’t think of us as BTS. We are the actors Kim Seokjin and Jungkook.”

Then Jin joked around a bit about how Suga got them to appear in his video: “Yoongi begged us to be in this. He was like, 'Please be in it, please just once.'" The video then shows the filming of Jin, Jungkook and Suga performing choreography together in the middle of a bustling outdoor market. After wrapping up the scene, Jin and Jungkook discuss how they hope it'll turn out great because they worked hard on it.

Suga made his return as his solo persona, Agust D, with the D-2 mixtape and the "Daechwita" music video on Friday, May 22. In an interview with TIME about D-2, Suga opened up about how he enjoys more artistic expression when performing as Agust D. "The difference is that there is a lot more that I can openly express and that I can show a more raw side to myself [with Agust D]," he explained. "What’s similar is that both sing of dreams and hope."

Fans are loving the honest lyrics Suga raps in "Daechwita." Suga sings about his desires for external validation in the song: "I got everything I wanted, what more'll make me feel contented/I wanted clothes clothes, then money money, then goal goal now what's next."

With another hit mixtape, it's safe to say that Suga's Agust D comeback has ARMYs shook.