Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Everything About Your Dating Style

by Jamie Kravitz

If obsessively checking your horoscope in every women's magazine you could get your hands on growing up taught you anything, it was that astrology is the key to understanding your relationship patterns. Now that you're old enough to actually date the stars' predictions for your love life are more relevant than ever. Everything from the type of person you tend to pursue romantically to how you feel about commitment can be traced back to your ruling planet. Knowing how you date based on your zodiac sign is not only interesting, but it can help you to pinpoint any potentially unhealthy habits you're practicing in your relationships. Obviously, astrology highlights your best and most attractive traits as well, but you're probably more aware of those.

Do you qualify as a serial dater, an active app user, or someone who actually prefers to flirt with suitors IRL? Are you the kind of person who values loyalty above all else, or are you more open to playing the field? The answers to these and many other common dating questions are within your reach, so get ready for some secrets of the universe to be revealed. Here is exactly how you tend to date, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: You're always talking to more than one person.

As an Aries, you are fueled by passion, which means you don't always have the longest attention span. Your spontaneity often gets the better of you, especially when it comes to dating. If one person takes too long to message you back on a dating app, you move on to the next match. Your friends tease you for always being involved with multiple romantic partners, but you don't mind. You hate being bored, so you're constantly going after someone new. The thrill of the chase is exciting, but you secretly have a favorite among all your flings.

Taurus: You're a serial monogamist.

Practical Taurus tends to take relationships slow and steady. Because you aren't a fan of change, you focus your energy on forming a solid foundation with your romantic partner. You're fiercely loyal and very consistent. Because you built it from the ground up, your committed relationship is strong and will likely last for a long time. This lifestyle works for you, because you believe in staying true to only one person at a time.

Gemini: You like to keep things casual.

You prefer to meet new people often and you stay away from committing to any one person long-term. You're all about juggling multiple casual hookups or reliable friends with benefits. You're not likely to settle down any time soon, unless you meet someone who can genuinely challenge your intellect. You constantly flit from person to person, but only because you're subconsciously searching for someone who really stands out from the crowd.

Cancer: You wait for prospective mates to approach you.

Opening up to new people isn't Cancer's strong suit. You tend to retreat into your shell when you feel even a little bit challenged, so your romantic relationships work best when the other person pursues you. You can be hard to get to know at first, but it's well worth the wait. As long as your partner is patient, you'll eventually become comfortable enough around them to let down your guard. Once they manage to break down your walls, you'll find yourself settling into a secure routine.

Leo: You're not afraid of a little PDA.

Loyal Leos love to give and receive affection in relationships. You have a strong desire to be loved and admired, and you sometimes get a little possessive of your partner. Public displays of affection help fuel the fire between you and your partner. Whether it's making out with a delicious stranger on the dance floor or cuddling up to your significant other on the subway, you aren't bothered by PDA. In fact, you low-key love it.

Virgo: You gravitate toward people who need "fixing."

You love a good DIY project, Virgo, and this extends to your dating life. You always want to make everything better — even your relationships. While your goal of helping everyone grow comes from a good place, be careful of going after people who you believe need "fixing." Helping your significant other to become the best possible version of themselves is one thing. Nitpicking at every little flaw is another entirely. Consider working with your partner on a shared project that affects you both equally, like volunteering in your community.

Libra: You believe the hottest sparks fly IRL.

You live for romantic comedy-style meet-cutes, classic chivalry, and old-school courting. You refuse to put your faith in dating apps, because you firmly believe in meeting your future bae's eyes from across a crowded room. Libras crave balance. You won't stop searching every packed train car and empty dive bar until you find the yin to your yang.

Scorpio: You're prone to testing your partner.

Self-conscious Scorpios are quite guarded when it comes to matters of the heart. You value your emotional privacy, so when a potential lover tries to have a serious conversation, you may grow paranoid of their true intentions. Be wary of creating conflict just for the sake of testing how devoted this person really is to you. Vulnerability isn't your strong suit, but once you do let someone in, you tend to lock on, hard. For someone who can be closed off, you might be surprised by the emotional depth that you bring out in others.

Sagittarius: You jump at every new opportunity.

You're a playful one, Sagittarius. Your curious and independent nature means that you chase thrills and believe adventure is around every corner. You tend to prefer constant excitement over the safety of monogamy, and easily lose interest in the idea of working to maintain a committed relationship. Find a partner who can keep up with your spirited ways, though, and together the two of you will conquer the world.

Capricorn: You like to be the boss.

You're not casual about any of your pursuits, Cap. When it comes to love, work, and play, you're all about planning, strategizing, and prioritizing. When in a committed relationship, you take your role as a girlfriend seriously. You expect your partner to do the same, sometimes to a fault. You may be a boss b*tch, but you consider your significant other to be your equal in all things. When you start treating them like your assistant, the romance goes out the window.

Aquarius: You can be slow to commit.

Stubborn Aquarius doesn't commit easily. You know you're worth investing time and effort in, and you're totally fine with being on your own. You have plenty of friends and you value your platonic relationships, which helps you feel fulfilled day-to-day. You're not in a rush to settle down with anyone, but when you eventually do, you plan to be loyal for life.

Pisces: You're searching for your happily ever after.

Dreamy Pisces is gentle, sensitive, and kind. You want a true connection. You wish to fall madly, deeply in love. You're easily enchanted, and your fairytale fantasy means you won't settle for anything less than living happily ever after.

Understanding the traits associated with your zodiac sign is the key to unlocking your relationship potential. Once you're aware of your best qualities as well as the areas that need work, you're that much closer to finding someone whose personality truly compliments yours.

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