This Girl's Clever Response To A Guy Asking For Nudes Is Literally Genius

by Candice Jalili

There are lots of ways you can shut down someone asking you for nudes. The first, most obvious option is, of course, you can go ahead and just say "no" and not send the nudes. But we certainly can't forget about the more ~creative~ options. You can naturally ghost this person. You can troll them with weird pictures of naked mole rats and SWEAR it's your body. You can change the subject completely. But this one girl's response to a guy asking for nudes is by far the best one yet.

Twitter user @saucynatt recently posted a screenshot of a conversation she was having with a guy who asked her to send him nudes. Rather than using any of the options listed above, she decided to a genius way to prank this dude: She just continuously sent him "Attachment: 1 image" to really mess with his head.

For those non-iPhone users out there, "Attachment: 1 image" is typically what shows up in the message preview on the lock screen of your phone when someone sends you a picture via text. So, when the guy @saucynatt was texting got that message, he assumed she sent him a nude, only to open up his messages to that text — no picture. She then posted the screenshot on Twitter with the caption, "im prankin this guy as if im sending nudes but in literally typing “Attachment: 1 Image.”

GENIUS. Seriously, this is pure genius.

As you can imagine, the people of Twitter LOVED it.

Her prank literally became a meme.

People think her response was EPIC.

They saluted her for her innovation (AS THEY SHOULD HAVE).

Let's just call her what she is: a genius.

Not just any "genius." An EVIL genius. Muahahaha!

She's just out here doing the lord's work.

And lots of people are taking notes.

Even the dudes want to try it out.

Other people are coming up with their own genius innovations.

OMG, this is actually the best idea I've ever seen. It gives @saucynatt a run for her money.

Of course, there are always some haters.

This guy thinks the move was "diabolical."

This person thinks it would've been easier to just say no.

People are worried about him finding out she posted it on Twitter.

She doesn't seem too concerned about that, though. Stay tuned, fam.

Some people are questioning the originality of the prank.

Whether or not this was a "2014" prank honestly doesn't matter. Regardless of who came up with this method, I think we have got to give it up to this chick for executing it flawlessly. This is freaking hilarious.

As for the person who told her to just say no, I see where they were coming from, but anyone who's ever been asked for nudes can tell you, sometimes, people get DESPERATE when they're requesting nudes — just a simple "no" isn't always enough to shut them up for good. Sending an "Attachment: 1 image" text, on the other hand, is enough to keep them distracted for a while, get out of sending a nude, and you can chuckle about how gullible the other person is while you do it.

Now, please, people, go forth and live your lives with this newfound knowledge of a creative way to actually avoid sending nudes and have fun at the same time.

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