These 12 Girls Trolling Guys Who Ask Them For Nudes Will Make You Die Laughing

by Sean Abrams

I'm not ashamed to say I've asked for nudes before.

When a conversation heats up to dirty-talk level, it's not uncommon for dick-filled text messages to go back and forth.

But that's not to say naked photos should be thrown around all day, every day. There's usually a time and a place for such things, and don't you dare send me a dirty picture that's unwarranted.

If I want to see you naked, I will ask, thank you very much. And if I want you to see me naked, I'll send one myself.

But apparently, some guys just can't control themselves or their innate sexual urges.

When they're home alone, out with a large group of friends or procrastinating at their work desk, they just want your nudes, and they want them now!

What's a person to do if you keep get hassled for them, but sending out shots in your birthday suit isn't your thing?

Below, you'll find some girls who are absolutely sick of guys asking for nudes and some who had an excellent response to those dudes who just wouldn't quit:

Nachos over nudity every day of the week.


Doesn't this parka make me look sexy?

Well, ain't nobody got time for that.


I know you said you had a penis but... I just can't see it.

Sorry, you lost me at "gosh darn."


No entry allowed past this point.


The best conversations I have are with myself anyway.


Nudes come in all "shades" and sizes.


My friends and I are a package deal.


Long time, no speak. How are your boobies doing?


Even if you quote "The Office," guys still don't get it.

Webbed feet are the true way to my heart.


So, guys, slow your roll a bit. If a girl wants to show you any part of her body, she'll do it in her own time (or not at all).

That is, unless you're cool with jerking off to large reptiles...

Take your pick.