Guy Snapchats Nudes To Wrong Girl After First Date And Pays Embarrassing Price

by Harley Tamplin

We've all made mistakes.

But not all mistakes were created equal — just ask the guy who ended up sending nudes to a random stranger instead of the girl he hooked up with... which led to hundreds of people seeing his weapon.


The anonymous guy from England posted his cringeworthy story on the subreddit, “Dear Reddit, today, I fucked up."

Grab the popcorn because this one's a doozy.

For our man, the story starts off pretty well.

After a successful first date with a girl, they planned to add each other on Snapchat, and someone added him later that day.

Spoiler alert: He thought it was her. It wasn't.

He wrote,

I proceed to talk to her, despite her sending snaps that do not include her face — something that bears no real significance to me at the time, but is essential to the fuck up.

That's red flag numero uno, but, presumably horny and excited, our man decided to stick it out and soldier on regardless.

He said,

Things quickly heat up, and I am asked to send the nudes. I willingly oblige, and give her a full photoshoot of my naked body in all its 'glory.' After all is done, and a week or so has passed, I receive another contact request. It is the girl that I was intimate with, and had meant to add in the first place.


But rather than freak out, he just brushed it off and got back to spitting mad game at his girl.

Then, predictably, his aggressive full-body nudes came back to bite him on the ass.

He wrote,

I was in a shop some weeks later, and someone approached me and asked if I was “the dick kid.” Through conversation, I am informed that the stranger to whom I sent these images was in their sixth form (high school), and had shown EVERYONE that they could these photographs.

Yep, this is pretty much the nightmare scenario for anyone who has ever considered sending nudes.

In the end, hundreds of people saw the pictures, and the guy said he still gets approached by people asking about his “famous wang.”

Still, he seems to have taken the fame in his stride, and at least he didn't somehow screw it up with the girl, right?

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