Stop With The Nudes: 8 Texts A Girl Actually Wants To Receive

by Dan Scotti

While I would love to sit here and downplay the importance of SMS texts in relation to "real life" relationships, I simply cannot.

It's 2015, and texting is an integral part of our lives – whether it's pertaining to our regular ol' friends or a girlfriend (or boyfriend alike).

Whether we fail to accept it or not, the things we say through text messages – in many cases – are equally as important as those said face-to-face.

Sure, nothing can really ever compare to telling a girl you love her while looking her dead in the eyes – still, that isn't an excuse to throw the white flag on how you communicate with one another while you aren't physically together.

For this reason, you need to be deliberate with the things you text her. After all, I'm sure you could relate to receiving a certain text that managed to brighten up your day after opening it up.

By putting more effort into the finer points of your relationship, like random texts throughout the day, you can show her you're truly committed (or interested, if you're not quite in the relationship stage yet).

F*ck all that "sending signals" or "waiting for a sign" talk. If you like her – tell her. By trying to be too cryptic and mysterious, you might end up losing her in the process. Save that for the romantic comedies.

Here are the eight situational texts you should certainly be mindful of and how to go about them properly.

1. The "good morning" text

You’re going to want to get a bit creative, here. Dive into your bag of tricks, as it’s the first thing she’s going to be waking up to in the morning. Make sure to stay away from generic sh*t like “good morning.”

Do you know how many dudes have probably texted her “good morning”? Exactly. You’re going to want to separate yourself from the pack, so to speak – and how are we going to do that? Bam, we’re gonna throw in a pet name.

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of “good morning sunshine,” as it paints some pretty mental imagery. It’s warm, not overly provocative, and it’s also directly quoted from a Quasimoto song... so, yeah.

2. The "I had a good time" text

If you genuinely had a good time with a girl – whether it was on a date or after just meeting her for the first time somewhere – it’s super crucial to be vocal about it. Don’t be shy, big guy. We’re going to have to use our words.

Remember, if you don’t say anything, how will she know? Having said that, we all don’t have to be wordsmiths like Hank Moody in order to express ourselves.

Keep it short and sweet and straight to the point. If you had fun with her, just say, “Hey, I really had fun with you last night.”

It shouldn't really matter how specifically you choose to articulate it – as long as you’re clear-cut about your feelings. The ability to vocalize your emotions will show confidence, and girls will eat that sh*t up.

3. The “I’m just thinking about you” text

You’ll have to be wary of how liberal you are with this type of text. If you overuse it, you’ll risk making yourself sound a little bit creepy.

I mean, think about it; If her feelings aren’t 100 percent matched, it might make her a little bit uncomfortable knowing you’re “thinking about her” with any great frequency.

Then again, if she’s into you – the same way you’re into her – this type of text will pay off in spades. It’ll tell show her she’s truly making an impact on your day-to-day, and you’re sensitive enough to recognize and appreciate it.

4. The "this is what makes you special to me" text

If there’s one thing women will always love – aside from diamonds and surprise-Beyoncé albums – it’s a compliment. Along these lines, if there are certain aspects about your girl you’re specifically into, don’t be afraid to let her know.

If anything, you should be more afraid of what you don’t say. A lot of times, men will try and play it cool, and women will mistake that for apathy.

A random text letting her know you think she’s pretty or like the way she dresses can go a long way in letting her know you’re interested.

5. The "I miss you" text

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this text if you’re in the early stages of the dating ball game, however, if you’ve been in a relationship with someone for a long period of time – it’s natural to miss her a little when you’re gone (cue Drake voice).

And if you do miss your significant other, it can’t hurt to let her know. Your girl will always love hearing you’re yearning for her, wherever you might be, and it will always make her feel special. You want your girl to feel special, don’t you?

6. The "I love you" text

Once you and your girl are on firm “I love you” terms, be generous with your application of the phrase.

I can’t really think of a time of the day when a lady wouldn’t enjoy being told she’s loved, especially by someone who she’s expected to love, in return.

7. The "how was your day" text

Usually, this text is tossed around in casual conversation with people you don’t really care about.

You know, you might see someone on the train (who you’d honestly rather not speak to), and you ask how his or her day went – solely to avoid any awkward silence for the remainder of your journey together.

When you send this text to a girl you like – and your intentions are genuinely to find out how her day went – suddenly this text takes new shape.

When you ask how her day went, it’s one of the realest methods of showing a girl you actually care. After all, if you didn’t, I’m sure you wouldn’t care to know how her day went.

8. The "I’m sorry" text

When you’re invested in a relationship with someone, disputes are bound to arise. Hey, we’re humans, and humans are entitled to their own opinions – it’s just the nature of the business.

Once conflict arises, however, it’s important to extinguish it properly, so to speak.

If you have feelings for a woman, it’s best to try and take control over these conflicts yourself, as to not leave anything to chance.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable about an argument the two of you might’ve had earlier, just take the initiative and apologize – even if there’s been some awkward silence for the past few hours.

This will show her you’re mature enough to swallow your pride for the good of your relationship, and she’ll always appreciate that.