This FUNBOY Cabana Dayclub pool float comes with a few convenient upgrades.

FUNBOY Brought Back Its Giant Cabana Dayclub Float, So Get Ready To Lounge

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Courtesy of FUNBOY
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FUNBOY is here to keep you cool for the summer with the return of one of its fan-favorite floats. There's almost nothing more better in the summer than relaxing in the water, and this FUNBOY Cabana Dayclub pool float for 2021 delivers the ultimate lounge experience. With a float that seats four people and features über-convenient upgrades, you'll want to grab your sunnies, round up your BFFs, and dive in.

You may remember seeing the gigantic white float in May 2020 when the VIP-style lounge sold out in only four days. It was especially tough to nab one after the waitlist hit a whopping 10,000 people. Thankfully, California-based FUNBOY brought it back for 2021 on Thursday, April 29, and this time it includes some re-engineered ~extras~.

The 2021 FUNBOY Cabana Dayclub pool float features upgrades like thicker material, stronger seams, and a more rigid superstructure for durability. Also new for this summer are its improved backrests and convenient mesh carry bag, making transporting and storing it easier than ever. If that wasn't enough, the upgraded design includes a faster inflation and deflation time of only eight minutes, because there's absolutely no time to waste when lounging is on the line.

Courtesy of FUNBOY

Like the classic model, the float features a removable mesh shade ceiling, two mesh foot baths to dip your feet in, and a storage compartment in the center to hold your drinks, Bluetooth speaker, or snacks. You can easily climb aboard with the float's water entry pad or move the float to your desired spot with its side grab ropes and eight handles. If you want it to stay put, you can also secure the float to an object with its tether rope.

The Cabana Dayclub pool float is available for a limited time exclusively on FUNBOY's website. With the price tag of $399, it's a bit of splurge, but you can always get some friends to go in on it with you and commence the epic summer hangs.

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