ARMYs Think BTS' New Concept Photos Are Following A Pattern & It's Telling

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

ARMYs always have a theory for everything, and with BTS' BE album arriving in a matter of weeks, fans are busier looking for possible clues about the record more than ever. One piece of content ARMYs always find themselves going back to is the group's concept photos. Big Hit Entertainment has been releasing one member's picture each day, and fans think they see a pattern. This fan theory about BTS' individual BE concept photos is next-level genius. Once you read all about it, you'll look at the pictures in an entirely new light.

On Oct. 19, Big Hit shared BTS' first BE concept photo, showing all the members surrounded by instruments. Fans believed the picture was meant to tease the guys learned how to play instruments for this album, or the songs would feature a live band. It was a solid theory, but what ARMYs came up with next will blow your mind even more.

On Nov. 1, Big Hit began unveiling the guys' individual concept photos one by one. At first, fans could only focus on BTS' breathtaking visuals, like Jimin's bare shoulder and Jungkook's fierce gaze, but once they started to analyze the pictures to find a meaning behind them, ARMYs realized they all seemed to be related. Fans with artistic backgrounds connected the photos to the seven principles of design, which are the rules a designer must follow in order to create a compelling piece of work.

Since BTS has seven members, fans thought each member's photo represented a principle. Fans theorized V's embodied balance, Jimin's was contrast, RM's represented emphasis, Jungkook's was movement, Jin's stood for pattern, and Suga and J-Hope's will ultimately symbolize rhythm and unity when they drop.

Fans even created entire threads to explain the reason behind their picks. "While so far most of the boys' rooms are pretty symmetrical (in space) tae has a certain emphasis on it, as I feel like him and the picture behind him is asymmetrical," one fan wrote about V's photo representing balance.

"I feel like it's not only the contrast in colours that emphasizes jm in the room," they continued. "The lack of objects present in the middle (besides jimin) makes him the focal point. All our attention leads to him."

Fans also saw RM's photo as representing emphasis because it placed importance on its warm colors, which gave off a very comforting feel.

Meanwhile, Jungkook's was movement because the different sized speakers made fans' eyes move from left to right.

Jin's represented a pattern because of its repetitive use of lines throughout the photo.

ARMYs may really be onto something here, proving once again that they're geniuses!