WARNING: Jungkook's Original Version Of Suga's "Dear My Friend" Will BREAK YOU

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Suga didn't warn fans his mixtape was coming any time soon (in fact, he told fans he was still working on it), so you can imagine how shocked they were when he dropped D-2 on Friday, May 22. It's his first project released under his "Agust D" pseudonym since 2016, and it features collaborations with RM, NiiHWA, Kim Jong Wan, and MAX. Fans will be surprised to hear one of the tracks originally included another BTS member: Jungkook. This clip of BTS' Jungkook singing Suga's "Dear My Friend" will give ARMYs all the feels.

No matter if he's releasing music solo or with BTS, Suga always makes sure to include his members in all of his projects. In the past, he teamed up with Jimin for a live version of his Agust D track "Tony Montana," and he performed "So Far Away" with Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook once, too.

When Suga released his second mixtape, D-2, fans were happy to find out the guys helped bring the project to life in several ways. For example, RM featured on the song "Strange" and Jin and Jungkook made cameos in Suga's "Daechwita" music video.

During a May 28 livestream, Suga revealed Jungkook also provided vocals for an early demo of "Dear My Friend." While the official version has NELL's Kim Jong Wan in the chorus singing in Korean, Jungkook's demo has him singing guide lyrics in English.

Listen to Jungkook sing "Dear My Friend" below.

Suga said it originally had another name, too. "Actually the track was called 'Friend' but since we had a track called like this in MOTS, I changed it," he revealed, referencing Jimin and V's Map of the Soul: 7 collab.

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In a May 27 interview, Suga explained how he chooses his collaborators. "When I’m composing, when I’m writing the melody, I just know, ‘I want this artist, I want this artist with this style. If I can’t find someone then I just sing it myself," he said.

Thankfully, Suga always has BTS to lend a hand with his projects whenever he needs one.