This clip of BTS' Jungkook singing "Still With You" live is so good.

Jungkook Sang A Live Version Of “Still With You” To Make Every BTS Fan Melt

JTBC PLUS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

BTS' Jungkook released a new solo song, "Still With You," on Thursday, June 4, uploading it to SoundCloud so fans could enjoy its message for free. The song resonates with fans so much because it is all about his love for ARMYs, and it couldn't have come at a better time. Whether you've heard the produced version of the song yet or not, now you can listen to this clip of BTS' Jungkook singing "Still With You" live and it'll make you melt.

BTS has made it a priority to express their gratitude for their fans, with lyrics dedicated to them on songs like "We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal" and "Moon" from their recent Map of the Soul: 7 album that dropped in February 2020. While other songs deal with a multitude of issues, the group's fans clearly have a special place in their hearts, since so many tracks are dedicated to ARMYs. Since BTS released Jungkook's latest solo tune, "Still With You" has been hitting fans hard with emotion.

The song, written from an original idea Jungkook had, has lyrics from Jungkook and Suga. The SoundCloud track features "thankyouarmy2020" in the URL as a further nod to the BTS ARMY. If you haven't listened to the produced track on the BTS SoundCloud yet, you can listen to the full thing below before listening to its live version on Twitter.

On Saturday, June 6, a live, vocals-only clip of "Still With You" made its way to Twitter after Jungkook performed part of the song on VLIVE:

Fans are loving it, pointing out that Jungkook's vocals are spot on, produced or unproduced:

Twitter account @BTStranslation_ gave fans some insight into the song, posting a behind the scenes look at how "Still With You" came to be, revealing that Jungkook asked Suga to help him write the lyrics:

ICYMI, the lyrics for "Still With You" are an artistic expression of Jungkook's love for ARMYS:

Jungkook's song describes a feeling of isolation as he misses his fans. In the solitude, he realizes that he will always be with them and can't wait to see them again.

The chorus is the ultimate love letter to ARMYs:

One day

When I meet you again

I'll look into your eyes and say

I missed you

In the once ecstatic memories

Rain falls even if I dance alone

When this fog clears away

I'll run [to you] with dripping feet

Hug me then

The hardest thing for ARMYs will be enduring the wait to see BTS performing live again, as all of their upcoming tour dates for their latest album have been postponed. In the meantime, though, ARMYs can feel more connected to the Bangtan Boys by listening to Jungkook's produced and live versions of "Still With You."