These Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Gemini Season, So Get Ready For Good Vibes

Taurus season gave you what you needed in order to feel rooted in the earth. It taught you how to take care of yourself from the ground up, find a sense of stability, and embrace all the splendors of the present moment. Now, you're ready to begin buzzing with ideas, because the sun enters Gemini on May 21 and it's time to unleash your inner genius. Some of us will love this energy more than you could possibly fathom, and these zodiac signs will have the best Gemini season 2019: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. If you've got placements in air signs, namely your sun or rising sign, then you're about to embark on a magic carpet ride.

When the sun is in Gemini, you're meant to engage in stimulating conversations, meet lots of interesting new people, and absorb intelligence wherever you can. This is about filling your mind with goodness and connecting on an intellectual level. Gemini season gives you a brand new perspective to something that was once stale and monotonous. It refreshes your technique, instills you with energy, and taps into your penchant for loquacity. By the time Gemini season is over, you'll have rediscovered how multifaceted you truly are, because Gemini is the definition of a jack of all trades.

If you're feeling bored with your reality and uninspired, then Gemini season is everything you could hope for. Don't believe me? Keep reading:

Gemini: You're Feeling So Powerful And Confident In Yourself

Ah, this is your season, Gemini! The sun is in your first house of the self and you're wrapping up an exciting journey only to begin another one. The past year has been full of challenges and success, and regardless of whether or not you realize it yet, you've grown so much. Now's the time to start putting your focus firmly on yourself. Identify what you need and what you want, then treat yourself like the love of your life and make it happen.

When the sun is in your first house, you're bursting with confidence self-possession. Don't be afraid to let the whole world know who you are and what you're about. You're changing and evolving, so don't let the past hold you back.

Libra: You're In The Mood To Go The Distance And Live It Up

You love Gemini season, Libra, because you get to go on so many adventures. The sun is in your ninth house of expansion and you're seeing the big picture. There's no reason to get all hung up on the little details and stressors when you can take a step back and enjoy the view. Look at life as a whole and remember that you're surrounded by abundance and beauty.

This is not the time to stand still or linger. Instead, make plans to do something that you don't normally do. Eat food that you don't normally eat. Strike up a conversation with someone you don't normally talk to. Amass loads of memorable experiences.

Aquarius: Your Creative Juices Are Flowing And It's Dazzling

Who's that person over there who looks like they're having so much fun? That's you, Aquarius, living the high life during Gemini season. The sun is in your fifth house of creativity and pleasure and all you want to do is enjoy yourself. Now's the time to set aside limiting beliefs and have a good time. You're surrounded by opportunities to play around and it's up to you to take them.

Remember that even the most boring task can be made fun if you try something new. Remember that you deserve to smile. Treat yourself to exciting activities and embrace your artistic spark. Get in touch with your inner child because they're waiting for you to unleash them.