These 5 Zodiac Signs Have A Difficult Summer Ahead, But Here's What You Need To Know

Summers are supposed to be magical, right? If you've ever watched a movie set during high school, read a sonnet by Shakespeare, listened to a pop song, or simply felt the exhilaration of finishing your final exams, you'd know that summers have been romanticized since the beginning of time. It's the season of falling madly in love, running wild across the beach at sunset, staying up until 4 a.m. dancing, and discovering shades of yourself you never new were there. This is why when summertime sorrow hits, it hits hard. With so many joyful expectations swirling in the air, your sadness feels like the biggest disappointment. The reality is that summers aren't always the easiest time. In fact, they can be downright miserable, and these zodiac signs might have a difficult summer ahead: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn.

If you were born under any of these signs, don't automatically think that your summer is officially doomed. While you may experience darker times this summer, it will inevitably color the light times even lighter. If you look back on difficult periods in your life, don't you look back on them somewhat fondly? While we're struggling, we often overlook all the beauty coexisting with the pain. It's later on that we realize how much we were forgetting to appreciate.

Aries: You May Feel Frustrated With How Slow Things Feel

Your ruling planet, Mars, will be in retrograde from June 26 to Aug. 27. This planet gives you your natural tendencies toward passion, competitiveness, and aggression. When it appears to be rolling backwards in it's orbit, you may find it difficult to release your frustrations. Mars retrograde causes things to really slow down. Your innate impatience might find it unbearable at times. Instead of letting the frustration build, try finding outlets for it like sports or exercise.

Look forward to the sun entering your fifth house of excitement and pleasure once Leo season begins on July 22. In spite of Mars retrograde, you'll enter a period of careless freedom and fun.

Gemini: You Could Become Overly Stressed At Times

Mercury retrograde lasts from July 26 to Aug. 19. Since this is your ruling planet, you always experience this astrological phenomenon harder than most. You might feel even more scattered and nervous than usual. You could hit roadblocks, miss appointments, and say the wrong thing at the wrong time. The best way to navigate this period is by planning ahead and going out of your way to think before taking action.

Even though a nasty retrograde may throw a wrench in your summer, you'll feel enlivened when Venus enters your fifth house of fun and creativity on Aug. 6. This will infuse your social life with playfulness and high-spirits.

Virgo: You Might Go Through A Period Of Extreme Error

Your ruling planet, Mercury, will be in retrograde from July 6 to Aug. 19. Even though everyone is swayed by this retrograde, most are not hit quite as hard as you are. You already internalize a lot of nervous energy, but during Mercury retrograde, your inner-world may feel like a maelstrom of chaos. It's difficult to do things correctly when you're feeling stressed, so make absolute sure you take your time when doing important things and that you double check everything.

However, your summer will still have plenty of light. When the sun enters your first house on Aug. 23, launching the beginning of Virgo season, you'll experience heightened strength, confidence, and vitality.

Scorpio: You May Feel Like Holding Back Your Energy

Mars and Pluto are both your ruling planets. When Mars joins Pluto in a retrograde that starts on June 26, they'll both be pouring disturbances into your world. You may want to build a wall around you for protection, because any outside force will feel overwhelming. Hiding at home might even feel like the more attractive option at times. However, as long as you infuse your personal time with quality endeavors, it could be a very spiritually enriching experience.

On the other hand, your summer won't be completely toned down. When the sun enters your ninth house of adventure and knowledge on June 21, you'll feel like leaving town and seeing something new.

Capricorn: This Summer Will Be A Learning Experience

Saturn retrograde has been infusing your life with confusion since April 17. This retrograde will last throughout almost the entire summer, finally coming to an end on Sep. 6. Since Saturn is your ruling planet and this retrograde happens while Saturn is in Capricorn, it affects you on a deeply intrinsic level. This retrograde is putting you through several challenges and forcing you to relearn how to become a more responsible and productive person. Just because it's summer doesn't mean Saturn will stop teaching you.

However, since Uranus, planet of intense and dramatic change, entered your fifth house of fun and pleasure on May 15, you're also learning an entirely new meaning of creativity and excitement. Who knows? Perhaps Saturn's lessons are of a more joyful nature than you thought.