A happy couple looks at a pizza while setting up their laptop for a Zoom party in their kitchen.

These Virtual Super Bowl Party Ideas Are Total Touchdowns

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It's time to think about the most highly anticipated football event of the season: your Super Bowl party. No matter what team you're rooting for, celebrating Super Bowl Sunday consists of quality time with your squad and, of course, great food. Super Bowl 2021 is no exception, and these virtual Super Bowl party ideas will make a touchdown with your friends as you watch the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Feb. 7.

Even though a virtual Super Bowl party is quite different from how you traditionally celebrate with your favorite people, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stresses that virtual activities pose the lowest risk of potentially spreading and/or contracting the coronavirus. So, grab your laptop, rock your jersey, and cheer on your team as loudly as you'd like with these virtual Super Bowl party ideas.

Before putting on your game face, don't forget that food is one of the most important parts of Super Bowl Sunday. You and your crew can show off your appetizers via Zoom and vote on whose presentation is the best. After you've had enough pizza and wings, consider playing football-themed trivia or Bingo for some friendly competition. As long as you and your friends plan one or more of these virtual Super Bowl party ideas, you're sure to have a tailgatin' good time.

Have A Cook-Off
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Game day food is the tastiest part of Super Bowl Sunday, so make sure it takes the spotlight during your virtual celebration. Before getting on Zoom, have each household chef up their fave game day dish, from football-shaped pizza to jalapeño poppers. The most broadcast-worthy voice in each group can show off their creation. The most creative dish will score a touchdown among your group.

Play A Game Of Commercial Bingo

The fun doesn't stop during game breaks. Super Bowl commercials are so entertaining to watch, and you can really take them to the next level by playing a fun game of Commercial Bingo. Purchase, download, and print some Super Bowl 2021 Bingo cards ($4, Etsy) so everyone's ready to play.

Try A Round Of Football-Themed Trivia

Get the party started by testing everyone's knowledge of football history. Quiz the group with some trivia questions about football and see who will earn the game day trophy.

Perform Your Own Halftime Show
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Every halftime show during the Super Bowl is epic and never seems to last long enough. Instead of having the fun end, consider singing some jams to your Zoom crowd. Not only will your crew enjoy a second show, but they might be inspired to grab a mic for their own performance.

Replay Your Fave Clips From Past Super Bowls

When this year's Super Bowl ends, that doesn't mean your party has to stop. Keep the spirits high by re-watching some of your favorite highlights from past Super Bowls. The old mems and parties these playbacks bring up are sure to make everyone smile.

Prepare Themed Drinks For Team Spirit

Spending more time at home is the best way to try out new recipes and even come up with your own drinks. To give your virtual Super Bowl party extra team spirit, have everyone send out their favorite game day cocktail recipes in advance. Your friends can prepare them during the Zoom party if they're 21 or up.