These Videos Of Kylie & Travis Jumping Off A Huge Yacht Are Vacation Goals

Noam Galai/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nothing rings in another trip around the sun like doing something truly special for your birthday. While some (though, I truly figure most) host a dinner with their fam, Kylie Jenner opted for the most extravagant birthday bae-cation with Travis Scott. The couple is living it up along the Italian coast with their daughter, Stormi, in tow and, of course, everything looks amazing. Like, the getaway is filled with balloons, flowers, charcuterie, and even a bit of thrill-seeking adventure as you can see in these videos of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott jumping off a yacht. I'm super jelly.

Jenner and Scott look to be seriously enjoying life at sea, cruising around the Mediterranean in just about the biggest yacht I've ever seen. Judging by the series of videos captioned "Hell of a LIFE" on Jenner's Instagram account, the boat is massive, making it perfect to jump off of. In a slow-motion video that seems to be taken from a lower deck, Jenner is perched on the edge of the vessel before taking a leap of faith and landing in the water below. Goodness, it looks so fun, but kinda scary.

In a second clip taken adjacent to Jenner, one can see exactly how tall the boat really is and boy does it look real scary. That's probably why the mother-of-one seems to say, "I'm so scared," while a friend gives some amateur diving advice, "Go like a pencil." Noted, for my own future yacht jumps.

Jenner wasn't the only one to take the plunge. Scott was next, jumping feet first, followed by Kris Jenner's boyfriend, Corey Gamble. The business executive also commented on Jenner's post, revealing the yacht is, in fact, extremely tall. "U have to add that we jumped 71ft Lol. Not bad," he wrote.

Some of Jenner's friends and followers jokingly turned the slow-mo videos into a meme, commenting with their own witty captions. "Jumping to conclusions like," wrote Forever21, and "Friends: don’t fall for him, Me: I won’t, Also me: " added another.

Between sunbathing and snapping photos in some killer Dior swimwear, Jenner has also spent part of her birthday trip bonding with her baby girl Stormi. In a photo uploaded on Aug. 11, the mother-daughter duo is on the water wearing matching blue ruffle dresses and sneakers. It's so adorable. The way little Stormi seems to be taking in the fresh air and scenic Italian backdrop is everything. In another picture, the two blow each other air kisses.

Before embarking on the best birthday trip ever, Jenner began promoting a new line of makeup for her birthday. The collection consists of super shimmery eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and bronzers embossed with money logos. The line officially dropped on Aug. 10, and to my surprise, Jenner is still promoting the line while on the vacay of a lifetime.

Jenner snapped a promotional photo alongside some of her makeup and posted it to Instagram. In the caption, she thanked fans for their birthday wishes and dished on the new line. "Thank you thank you for ALL THE LOVE on the bday collection wow my fav collection of all time available right now on KylieCosmetics.com! I made sure i stocked all the way up for you guys but once it’s gone it’s gone!!!! P.S. Victoria tanning with my PR box is iconic lol," she wrote.

Good on her for working while out-of-office. I can't say the same for myself. But, I guess you don't become a beauty billionaire overnight.