Tweets About Toni & Shelby On 'The Wilds'

Toni & Shelby's Plot Twist On 'The Wilds' Has Twitter Shook In The BEST Way

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With mystery, drama, twists, and relatable characters, it's easy to see why fans are living for Amazon Prime Video's new YA series, The Wilds. The show, which debuted on Dec. 11, follows a group of girls stranded on an island, forced to survive in the wilderness. While a lot goes down in Season 1, the fact that it shines a light on a variety of important topics make it an emotional watch as well as a fun one. Case in point: Toni and Shelby. These tweets about the two The Wilds characters prove their evolution was what viewers everywhere needed.

Warning: Spoilers for The Wilds Season 1 follow. The part-survivalist, part-coming-of-age series follows eight teenage girls who are stranded on an island after a plane crash. Viewers quickly learn it's all part of an elaborate experiment run by a woman named Gretchen (Rachel Griffiths). The castaways come from a variety of backgrounds and are grappling with their own internal struggles in addition to the external horror of being lost in the wild. And then of course, there's the interpersonal drama that comes with needing to work together to not die.

From the start, hot-headed Toni (Erana James) seemed to have it out for Texan pageant queen Shelby (Mia Healey). While it looked like they were doomed to stay enemies throughout the series, fans could sense there was more to the story...

Initially, Toni is turned off by Shelby's upbeat attitude and her close friendship with Toni's bestie Martha. Shelby, on the other hand, is a religious perfectionist who seems to be uncomfortable with Toni being gay (while in reality, Shelby is just grappling internally with her own sexuality). So, when Shelby comes out to Toni and the two become a couple, viewers were shook in the absolute best way.

With Season 1 ending on a major cliffhanger, fans are hoping for another installment — not just to find out what's going on with The Twilight Of Adam and to see how the girls got off the island, but also for more Toni and Shelby content.

While there's no news of a Season 2 as of Dec. 15, things are looking promising. "About half-way through [filming], Amazon beautifully asked us, 'What's the [hook] for next season?'" showrunner Amy B. Harris told Variety on Dec. 11. So, it seems like the streamer is at least considering renewing The Wilds. Fingers crossed that means there will be more Toni and Shelby scenes to watch and rewatch in the near future.

The Wilds is on Amazon Prime Video now.

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