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This Theory About Nora On 'The Wilds' Will Give You Chills

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If being stranded on an island without food, water, or Instagram sounds like your personal hell, there's a good chance Amazon Prime's series The Wilds gave you literal nightmares. The show premiered on Amazon Prime Video back in December 2020, but thanks to some major cliffhangers, fans are still trying to unravel all the twists. While there's a lot (like, a lot a lot) to unpack in the 10-episode first season, one thing viewers need to know is whether Nora is dead. The Wilds has a lot of hidden clues that point to her potential demise. While fans wait for The Wilds Season 2, let’s run down what we know so far:

Warning: The Wilds Season 1 spoilers follow. The series started with Leah (Sarah Pidgeon) getting interviewed by Dr. Faber (David Sullivan) and Agent Young (Troy Winbush) after being rescued from a deserted island (even though the jury is still out on whether the girls were actually rescued, since they're still under observation). But while Episode 1 introduced the main characters and showed the plane crash, it's the second episode that had fans worried about Nora's (Helena Howard) fate.

Episode 2, titled "Day Two," had Rachel (Reign Edwards), Nora's twin, in the interrogation seat. Sitting across from Dr. Faber and Agent Young, a battered-looking Rachel asked the two men if her parents "know about Nora."

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While Faber and Young told Rachel her parents know "the broad strokes," they didn't go into details. In fact, they were the ones asking Rachel about what went down with Nora, but she said she didn't want to talk about "what happened to her." The past tense, as well as the way she talked about Nora being wiser than her, doesn’t seem like promising foreshadowing. What happened at the end of this episode — and then what happened later at the end of the season — only made things look worse for Nora.

At the end of Episode 2, Rachel told the men she’d had her sister all wrong. "She was always up ahead, standing in front of me somehow. And there I was thinking that she was just casting some kind of shadow that I had to get out from under. It was protection. She was throwing herself in front of the world for me," she said.

This, of course, is majorly true. The final few moments of Episode 10 showed Rachel floating in the water, only to be pulled under by a shark. Nora then raced into the ocean to help her sister. And while fans know Rachel survives the attack, the first season ended before fans got to see whether Nora ever made it out of the water.

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When Dr. Faber asked how the story ends, Rachel shrugged and said she doesn't know and that it's in their hands now. "It's true what they say, you know. That you can still feel things," Rachel told them before exposing her right arm, which was missing a hand. "Messages from old nerve endings. Sensations from the past. You know what I feel? Is her hand holding mine. Forever."

While this could have been a reference to the bond Rachel has with Nora, it sounds super ominous. Whether she’s just reflecting on losing a limb or alluding to the possible death of her twin, the jury is still out. Here’s hoping fans get an answer when The Wilds returns for Season 2.

Season 1 of The Wilds is on Amazon Prime Video now.

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