'The Wilds' Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Filming News, & More

Here's Everything We Know About 'The Wilds' Season 2 So Far

Amazon Studios

Amazon Prime Video's new dystopian series, The Wilds, was so full of twists and turns and cliffhangers, it was impossible to finish the first season without a million questions. Luckily for viewers (not so much the girls trapped on the island), the series has already been renewed for a second season, so your questions will hopefully be answered soon enough. If you're aching to see what's next for the Unsinkable Eight, here's everything you need to know about The Wilds Season 2, including info on the release date, cast, and more.

Warning: Spoilers for Season 1 of The Wilds follow. The series centers around a group of eight teen girls who find themselves not-so-accidentally stranded on a deserted island after their plane crashes in the ocean. While they thought they were attending a weekend wellness retreat, it turns out they're part of a psychological experiment called The Dawn of Eve, run by a mastermind named Gretchen.

The YA drama dropped to Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 11 and quickly made a splash. On Dec. 19, just over a week after Season 1 premiered, Amazon took to social media to announce plans for a second season. The post showed the cast celebrating on the island to get fans hyped for the next installment.

The Wilds Season 2 Release Date

With the news of The Wilds getting a second season so quickly after Season 1, it looks promising that Amazon Prime will make the show a priority. According to Deadline, Amazon Studios president Jennifer Salke was eager to get the streamer into the YA demo, and in order to keep the momentum going, it would make sense for the studio to move quickly (or maybe that's just a hopeful fan's dreams over here). However, production shutdowns and delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic are still ongoing, so anything could happen in regard to the filming timeline.

The Wilds Season 2 Trailer

There's no Season 2 trailer as of Dec. 21, but hopefully once production gets started, there will be more to see. Since the Season 1 trailer dropped to YouTube three weeks before the premiere, there's reason to believe it won't be ready for a bit. Still, the cast have taken to posting tons of BTS on their socials, which will definitely keep you busy until a Season 2 trailer is released.

The Wilds Season 2 Cast

While it's unclear who, exactly, is coming back for Season 2 of The Wilds, there's a good chance everyone in the lead cast will return. The majority of the actors playing the girls on the island are relative newcomers, which hopefully means there won't be scheduling conflicts when filming Season 2. Additionally, even if a character was killed off in Season 1 (looking at you Jeanette/Lynn and maybe Nora), the show relies so heavily on flashbacks, death doesn't necessarily mean characters are gone for good.

The Wilds Season 2 Plot Details

Season 1 left off with all kinds of drama, and there's a good chance you were staring at your screen echoing Leah's sentiments of: "What the f*ck?!" as the end credits rolled. Even though there's no news about what, specifically, Season 2 will uncover, there are quite a few cliffhangers that need to be addressed. Season 1 ended with Nora's fate up in the air and Leah not only realizing their plane crash was a setup, but also that there's a male version of the experiment called The Twilight of Adam as well. Suffice to say, there's a lot to look forward to with the Season 2 news.

The Wilds Season 1 is on Amazon Prime Video now.