Sarah Pidgeon's 'The Wilds' Leah

'The Wilds' Star Sarah Pidgeon Unpacks That *Wild* Cliffhanger Ending

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Warning: The Wilds Season 1 spoilers follow. Few things are more terrifying to imagine than being stuck on a deserted island. The only way it could get worse is finding out you didn't get there by accident. That's the premise of The Wilds, which hit Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 11. While the nonstop twists are fun, it's seeing the protagonists unfold the mystery that makes the show irresistible. Throughout Season 1, one of the survivors, Leah, comes close to guessing what's really going on — which is fitting, since the actor who plays her on The Wilds, Sarah Pidgeon, has some Season 2 theories of her own.

On the show, Pidgeon's Leah is one of eight girls who has to survive in the wilderness after their plane appears to crash in the Pacific Ocean. A perpetual over-thinker, Leah soon begins to suspect foul play in their situation. And while her peers view her as paranoid, she eventually learns at least some of her theories are correct.

Similarly, Pidgeon and her co-stars were kept guessing about the mysteries of the show during filming, which led to some theorizing of their own. "We were given the script, like, five days before we would shoot the episode," Pidgeon tells Elite Daily. "It was very much like the girls' experiences not knowing what was happening."

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After being "rescued" from the wilderness (but still being kept in custody by Gretchen Klein, the puppet master of the operation she's calling The Dawn Of Eve), Leah comes across footage of The Twilight Of Adam — a group of boys also being observed on an island — in the finale episode. This revelation not only confirmed Leah's theories that something sus was happening, but it also sparkled some new, exciting ideas for Pidgeon to muse over surrounding a potential Season 2 (which hasn't been green-lit yet, but looks promising).

"The question is, what are [Gretchen and her staff] after? What are they interested in learning?" Pidgeon explains. "Is it that matriarchal societies run more efficiently and less violently, more egalitarian than a patriarchal society? If so, then I think we'd have to see how the boys' island contrasts to the girls' experiences."

As for what this discovery could mean for her character, Leah, in future episodes, Pidgeon doesn't know for sure. But she certainly has her own thoughts. "God, I'm really running with conspiracies," she says, laughing. "I feel like the ultimate control group would be to have both of these sets of people who have experienced similar degrees of survival try to survive together and build a society based on that."

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Regardless of whether both groups end up on the island together (talk about drama), fans are definitely hoping for clues about how The Dawn Of Eve girls got rescued, which was conveniently skipped over in the Season 1 flashbacks. "Everyone has started to gain more comfort with surviving on the island. We've got the goat meat. We know how to keep a fire going," she explains. "[But] where we leave off with the group, it's a huge, heightened moment of Rachel in the water with the shark."

Pidgeon also hopes a Season 2 will address even more unanswered questions she and Leah (and tons of viewers) still have after the Season 1 finale cliffhanger. "There's still questions to be asked, like who was in charge of The Dawn Of Eve? Is Gretchen working in connection with someone?" she explains. "I'd be interested to see if the girls can really stick together and take down the 'man' that brought them there."

Here's hoping the series is picked up for a Season 2, so Leah (and Pidgeon!) can finally get some answers.

The Wilds is on Amazon Prime Video now.